New bass species article

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New bass species article
<p>Saw this today. Sorry, it&#39;s about b@ss, <em>and </em>it&#39;s a Fox News story, but thought it interesting enough to share with fellow species-hunters...<br /> <br /></p>
Dr Flathead
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Wonder if any of my so called

Wonder if any of my so called Spotted Bass from that exact area a Choctaw Bass?  I caught Spotted Bass all up and down the Panhandle of Florida. 

the pyromaniac
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I haven't fished that area ye

I haven't fished that area yet, but I've got a friend not far from there who I've been meaning to visit (who is also an angler), and I do intentionally target bass a lot.  Yeah, I need to catch this fish.......

As for the article coming from FalseNews, well, I saw it on Field & Stream and FloridaToday this morning, so FalseNews probably didn't lie about it.

@Doc, if you have pics of those fish, let JKnuth look at them.  He said on Facebook this morning that he's had some of these fish in hand, and was describing the differences between Choctaws & spotted bass.  If anybody can ID them for certain, it's him.




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