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J Dunfee
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<p>I&#39;ve caught plenty of micros and &quot;sub&quot; micors..</p> <p>Banded Darter, Greenside Darter, Rainbow Darter, Bluntnose minnow, a few Dace, tons of shiners. But they&#39;ve all been either by accident or with some luck on my side. I caught my first &quot;real&quot; micro the other day; an eastern M&#39;skeeterfish on Moose&#39;s setup. And it got me hooked. I was wondering if I could get some tips. I plan on tearin shit up in SW PA, but have nowhere to start. Any tips would be appreciated.</p>
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Fish in clear water. You'll

Fish in clear water. You'll learn a lot more about the habits of the micros your chasing if you can see what they're doing and how they react to your bait. I've caught micros blind-fishing, but it's way more fun to target them in ultra clear streams.