MN fishing licenses and multi species fishing

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MN fishing licenses and multi species fishing
<p>If I purchase a MN resident annual fishing license ($17.00) does it cover all species, or do I need to buy the stamps for walleye and trout, even if I do not target these two species (e.g. catch one &quot;accidentally&quot; targeting redhorse) and release everything I catch? The MN DNR website fishing license page doesn&#39;t explain this very well.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Thanks!</p>
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My understanding is that the

My understanding is that the walleye stamp is totally optional (and, hence, a waste of money).  You can fish for all the walleye you want without it.  The trout stamp is required for fishing on designated trout waters and for keeping trout anywhere.  There is a list of designated trout waters (including maps) available from the DNR.  To fish on those streams means that you must have a stamp.  Otherwise, if you are not on a designated trout water, you can fish without the stamp, but if you incidentally catch a trout, you have to release it.  That is my understanding, but others should definitely correct me if I am wrong. 

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You're correct.  The trout stamp is the only one you need to worry about, because designated trout waters can't be fished without it - and sometimes it's difficult to tell if a particular section of river is "designated trout water".


For example, the main stem of the Root River, where the roundup is held, is NOT designated trout water.  So you don't need a trout stamp to fish there.  But - if you don't have a trout stamp you must release any trout you might catch. 


Just a few miles upriver, on the South Branch of the Root River, you can't fish at all without a trout stamp, because it is "designated trout water". 


These maps show which waters are "designated trout water":


Hope this helps.

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Page 6 of the MN Fishing Regs

Page 6 of the MN Fishing Regs-


Trout Stamp
Trout stamp validations are printed on 
the ELS license. This is the only verification 
needed to prove purchase of the trout stamp. 
Purchasers may request the actual pictorial 
stamp for an additional $0.75.
Except as noted, anglers need a trout 
stamp validation and a fishing or sports 
license when fishing in designated trout 
streams, designated trout lakes, Lake 
Superior, or when possessing trout on waters that are not designated trout 
water. All trout in possession require a trout validation, unless received as 
a gift. Trout stamps are not required for children less than 16 years old, 
adults who are 65 and older, people fishing with a 24-hour license, or people 
who are exempt from fishing license requirements or who receive a fishing 
license at no charge. 
Walleye Stamp
Purchase of a walleye stamp is voluntary;
it is not needed for fishing.
Revenues from the sale of a walleye stamp
will be used for walleye stocking and 
related activities.
Walleye stamp validations are printed on
the ELS license. Purchasers may request 
the actual pictorial stamp for an additional $0.75. 
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Thanks everyone!

Thank you for the information. If I already purchased an annual resident license online (in Feb of '12), is it too late to purchase a trout stamp, and if I don't frequent designated trout water, is it worth the extra $10.50? I'm a little freaked out about money this month, even an extra $10.50 seems like a lot - I have to pay property taxes next month!  (@-@) I definitely don't want to get fined even more $$$ by the game wardens - Murphy's law you know - if I'm on a designated trout stream and don't know it! 

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You can buy a trout stamp later if you want to.  It's no problem.

Otherwise, designated trout water is usually marked prominently with little signs.  The chances of randomly ending up on a trout stream or lake without being aware of it are impossibly small.

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Just a side note

If you dont plan on keeping many fish you can get a Conservation (1/2 limit) licenses for $11, trout stamp is still $10 though

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Great point

That's a great point.  If you don't keep limits of fish very often, the conservation license is a great, cheap alternative to the regular license.

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Impossibly small...

So were the chances of me foul hooking a 33" eelpout! (@-@) I already purchased a regular license in February, so I have that. Just want to be sure I have all the legal credentials in case the wardens happen upon an impossibly small fisherperson...more improbable things have happened...

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I buy the conservation

I buy the conservation license, so I have more money left over for a nonresident WI license ($50).  I occasionally need to fulfill my multi-line fishing addiction and I also have family in Milwaukee.  I've honestly never had a problem with going over my limit or anything, but then again, I never systematically target walleye or other heavily regulated species.

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I wish Virginia had a
I wish Virginia had a conservation license, that's a great idea! We have the $23 resident license, $23 trout licens, and $3.50 National Forest stamp. My tattoo artist (who is a fellow roughfisher) was telling me last Sunday that Kentucky doesn't require a trout license in the vast majority of waters, even those stocked with trout, and if you are the landowner or have the landowner's permission when fishing/hunting on private land, you don't need a license at all.




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