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micro ul rod
<p>I am looking for a ul rod for creek fishing. Most of the fish are no bigger than 3 inches, that is why I posted it here. My favorite rig is a small float small shot and size 18 hook with a bit of worm. The entire rig weighs just under 1/32 of an ounce. Rod length 5-7 foot with a 1-4 lb rating. Casting a maximum of 20-30 feet. Any ideas? I have considered building a rod from a 1wt fly rod blank.</p> <p>Thanks for any suggestions</p> <p>Lurch</p>
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I use a Quantum Xtralite for

I use a Quantum Xtralite for that kind of fishing. It's rated for 2-8 lb test but I don't think it could handle anything over 4 lb very well. It is quite stiff, but the tip bends and shakes even when 2 inch shiners grab the bait. I know there are better rods out there ( maybe less stiff and even more sensitive) but that is what I use for casting farther than a fixed line rod can reach for small fish. It is awesome with big fish! I've had 8 inch plus sunfish on that thing that never seem to want to give in. I use 2 lb mono and big sunfish or bluegill really test the rod.


Otherwise, building one from that fly rod blank would be a good idea. Whatever you like best is what matters so do whatever you feel comfortable with. 

I may end up building one. I

I may end up building one. I just wish I had a rod that I had in the early 90's, it was either a quantum or zebco, it was called a micro light. Basically it was a 4' ul ice rod.

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Sounds fun

Hey Lurch, if you do end up building that rod please do share a photo of it!

The bass pro micro lite rod w

The bass pro micro lite rod would work for what you want. It is a very light and"whippy" rod that I suspect would fit your needs. I can't comment on the reel since I only have the rod.

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I've been looking for a super ultra light spinning rod for a while now, and here's something I've found: http://www.plat.co.jp/shop/catalog/product_info/language/en/products_id/22344/cPath/26_2890_2716/trout-fishing-lake-and-stream.html There's a couple there rated for 1.5-3 lb test, labeled as XUL. There are plenty more XUL offerings on Japanese sites, but they can get expensive... talking upwards of 600. Maybe some cheaper options too. Maybe worth looking into.
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ice rod blank

mudhole has solid fiberglass icerod blanks for under $6 http://www.mudhole.com/HT-Solid-Glass-Ice-Rod-Blanks  I used one of these to make an indoor practice flyrod.  Longest one is 39" but if you are going to build anyhow you could extend the butt.

UL Rod

Mudhole has a fly rod blank that is a 2pc 9ft 2wt rod.

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many options:

1) building: it may be hard to find the right price/quality in a 1-wt....  you may have more options, if  you get a long multi-section 2-wt., or even 3-wt., and discard the bottom section (e.g., top 3 sections of a 9'  4-pc. would yield a sweet, packable 6'9"  XUL)

2) VINTAGE GLASS!!!  --  plenty old Fenwicks out there w/ 1-3# & 1-4# line rating, AND THEY'RE AWESOME!!!  There's similar quality stuff from Philipson, Lami, Croix, Kencor, Conolon, etc. but they may not be as informatively labeled as Fenwicks, so you may have to do a little research on which models are light enough (check here:  http://fiberglassflyrodders.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=33&sid=89713fb6a09de453806d52161f9660bc)

3) among modern US-market UL's, Daiwa seems to offer the closest thing to affordable XUL.  I think Spinmatic is their cheapest w/ 1-4# line rating & it's available in a 6-footer (RARE!) -- well worth a look...  BTW, old Daiwa glass ain't bad either

4) my personal solution, was to take my 11'6" UL Noodle rated 1-4#, and make a short alternate butt section out of a broken UL rod, which gives me a 1-3# 8-footer



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New Site

Check out Chris Stewarts new site....finesse-fishing.com

Any fish species is worth catching.