Metro Area River Fishing

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Patrick Young
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Metro Area River Fishing
<p>I was wondering if anyone would share their tips on catching fish in the rivers this time of year? I just spent 2 hours at the MN River only to get skunked, so any tips about catching any river fish would really help.&nbsp;</p>
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The Allen S. King generating

The Allen S. King generating plant near Bayport has a warm-water discharge into the St Croix. I've caught a good variety of fish there. Also, the dock on Harriet Island on the Mississippi has produced for me. Just cast out worms on the bottom for most roughfish, spinners and spoons for the other species. Seeing as the water is low this time of year, try to find deeper dips in the river, even if it's just half a foot , they'll hold fish. I'm probably going to one of the aforementioned places tomorrow, I'll tell ya what's working.

All fish are beautiful.

Jason E.
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There's a lot of parks in the

There's a lot of parks in the metro that produce fish.  Coon Rapids Dam area can be productive.  North Mississippi Park.  There's also fishable water near the U of M and Minnehaha.  Basically, any parkland along the river has potential.