Look at those big smiles

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 14:30


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If only they spent their efforts, time,  and money on something productive.


Where is the fish?

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Well most of those are snakeheads are they not? And the rest tilapia? May not be our cup of tea but certainly not the same level as shooting gar or Buffalo. One could argue they were doing the native system a favor? 

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They're actually mostly Clown Knifefish, not snakehead. Indeed they're non-native and harmful, but the visceral reaction we have when we see it is due to the wanton waste that undoubtedly resulted from that pile of fish. It's just so unsportsman-like and disrespectful of the fish.

Also, some yay-whos with bows aren't going to eliminate a non-native species infestation.

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Ah I see, they looked snakeheadish but definitely different. Yeah I get it, I'm not trying to be apologetic for the bowfishers, just pointing out that it isn't quite the same. I think bow fishing for natives needs to be strictly regulated or made illegal all together depending on the species, while bow fishing for invasives should be allowed without limits. But of course nobody's asking me hahaha

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I think there is room for diversity of opinions (except for the people wanting to wantonly waste natives, they can take a long hike on the short pier).  I'd personally be totally ok with people bowfishing native fish (including gamefish) with reasonable harvest limits IF the fish are being eaten, not wasted or turned into fertilizer (which is often euphemism just rotting in a pile).

With nonnative species I'm a bit more squishy, it definitely bothes me less when they are being taken out.   Ethically I still take an issue with wanton waste, even with invasive species.  But I'm definitely bothered by it to a lower degree.  That said, I wouldn't be upset about the destruction of a patch of buckthorn so maybe I'm a hypocrite.  Though I'd rather see that buckthorn removed and have that patch of land actively managed to restore native oak savanna, rather than just ripping it out and moving on.

So if bowfishers wanted to remove invasive species AND actively help restore native species (including native "rough" fish) I'd probably have a very different impression of this image.  Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the typical case

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Well said buddy, that's pretty much exactly how I see it too.  I have gotten our local bow fishers to leave the buffs alone for the most part, slow process.

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They look like a fun fish to tie into! 

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I think "invasive species" needs more context, too. If most species in a system aren't native, and a new non-native species doesn't pose any new threat to the native populations, maybe something like this can't be justified as invasive species removal.