Longears in MN?

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Longears in MN?
<p>Hey guys, I&#39;m new here, and I saw this website and figured it would be the best place to ask this; where can I find Northern Longears near the SE corner of MN? I&#39;ve been longing to catch one and would appreciate any help you guys could give me. Thanks a ton!</p>
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There are folks around who know more about the Northern Longear in MN but from what I know you are probably going to be stuck traveling north.  I think they have been collected historically from the Cedar R down in the southern part of the state and into Iowa but the information seems to indicate that they are extripated from that part of their range.  They are super fussy about habitat.  To catch one in MN you are probably going to need to drive to the northern half of the state - this is a good resouce should you deciede to try it: 



Fish tiny hooks, with tiny bait, in shallow sandy waters around vegetation.  You'll be able to see them almost certainly but they are small - maybe 3"-4"

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I have never heard of LE in the south east portion of MN. I am not sure of their WI range... if you want to stay in MN you'll be heading north of the twin cities.