Lake Erie Monster

Saturday, July 2, 2022
37 inches, bit over 27 pounds

Since 2019 I’ve been trying to find the most effective way to target channel catfish on the open waters of Lake Erie from a kayak. Had caught them incidentally in the past while tube jigging for bass and drifting worm harnesses for walleye. Ended up combining these two methods and modifying them specifically for cats. So I fish two rods: one drifting large dead or cut bait behind the yak, and a baitcaster for casting and jigging smaller deadbaits.  This fish was caught jigging, and it felt like the culmination of my experiments. But who knows? There are some 30s out there!


SDfisher's picture

Awesome fish!  Congrats on the catch!

Marc Ohms

Dan Morey's picture

One I surely won't forget. To make the occasion doubly memorable she swam off under holiday fireworks!

Goldenfishberg's picture

Big water BIG fish! Thats such a specimen! It's really neat you caught this hoss while testing new methods. Really cool catch man! 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Dan Morey's picture

Thanks! There are some beasts in Lake E, and not many people chasing them. Cats are fairly popular in the tribs, but out on the big water I think it's just me, my two brothers, and a couple guys over in Buffalo with slip bobbers...everybody else got that walleye fever!

D.T.'s picture

That is one heckuva catch right there. Wow! 

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Thanks, D.T.!