Iowa Darters near calgary

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Iowa Darters near calgary
<p>Anybody know where i can find Iowa Darters near Calgary, Alberta, Canada?</p> <p>thanks.&nbsp;</p>
Samuel Phelps
can anybody tell me how to catch darters?

Hey everyone! i am new to micro fishing and i want to catch a darter really bad. some tips would be helpful. thanks!

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Hmm, not sure I can help you

Hmm, not sure I can help you out personally on that one but I do know there are some people from that area on the NANFA Facebook page who may be able to help you out :) Look for smaller streams, darters will often be in the "riffles", sections of faster water, or just below them. That being said, I've personally found Iowa Darters to be a bit of an exception, have found them in slower, muddier streams.