interesting scale pattern on a carp

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interesting scale pattern on a carp
Caught this carp over the weekend and thought id share. I've never seen one with scales like this. The top and bottom scales were. large and uneven like a mirror carp but the scales down its sides were normal. Anyone else ever catch a mirror like this? Its the first I've seen with partially normal scales.
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We see that quite often over

We see that quite often over here, I thik it's because all the fish are bred to grow big very quickly so some f them have deformities and mutations. I suppose it coud be some kind of injury it sustained when it was young, or maybe it's justy one of those odd fish you see every now and again. cheeky

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definately not an injury. i

definately not an injury. i have caught carp with odd patches of scales from injuries before. the scale pattern on this fish was exactly the same on both sides.

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Sweet Carp

In North American carp fishing circles that fish is known as a "muddler."   I think it's probably genetic, they seem to be more common in some places than others, you see alot of them out of the St. Lawrence River.

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I haven't caught any carp

I haven't caught any carp with that pattern, pretty neat.  It's crazy that I see so many people post carp with irregular scale patterns when I have caught so many over my lifetime with just a single mirror as far as I can remember.  Everything else is the typical scale pattern.

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