Incidental micro lifer on ice

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Incidental micro lifer on ice
<p>Microfishing isn&#39;t my bag but I caught several Trout-Perch today trying to find Perch on a local reservoir. &nbsp;They were chasing a size 2 Swedish Pimple, could not hook them so I dropped a 5mm tungsten down to them a landed a couple. &nbsp;I figured I&#39;d share:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 525px; height: 394px;" /></p>
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Very nice! They're around her

Very nice! They're around here too, though I'm yet to see one. let's hear about your ice carp adventures. 




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I will, I want to get out the

I will I have that Carp post in progress, I want to get out there another time or two this next week and try and figure out a couple more pieces of the Carp puzzle.  I've been able to prove that it isn't a fluke but still have questions I want to answer...

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Those are cool fish. I've onl

Those are cool fish. I've only seen them in the wild a handful of times -- at night and near the shore.

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Those are neat little fish.  I had one in an aquarium for a while and he was a very inquisitive bugger.  It's really cool that there are so many of them in the reservoir you are fishing.

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That is very cool Tony.  I ha

That is very cool Tony.  I have tried to figure them out for some time now.  Were they in deeper water?



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They were in the deepest wate

They were in the deepest water around, though it isn't very deep anywhere out there.  On a mudflat, near dusk they seemed pretty active. 

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Trout-Perch while pout fishing

The weirdest thing that happened when we were burbot fishing was that while DT was jigging for pout, a tiny fish swam up into his hole and he picked it up with his hand! He didn't recognize it so he brought it over to me. It was a lil' bitty trout-perch!


Doesn't count because he noodled it.