How to upload images and add them to a post or article

Since I've had a few messages asking for help adding images to a forum post, I thought I'd create a quick tutorial on how I go about doing it.  By uploading right to this website's image hosting service, we can be sure that images will not mysteriously disappear.  Also, you can view and manage your photo galleries at any time.  NOTE: please do not create galleries that are only one image or a few images.  You can edit a gallery after it already exists and add more images to it.  Consider creating a gallery like "Summer 2018" to store all of your random images.


First, I size the image correctly with editing software (Photoshop, etc.).  A pretty good image width for forum posts is 600 px.  If you'd like to have the image clickable to enlarge, make the width 1024 px (I'll show you how to make images clickable later on in this tutorial).  Images larger than 1024 px will be automatically sized to 1024 upon upload.


In the "User Menu" which is located in the upper left of the website, click on "My Photos".


Click on "Add Batch Image Set".

Add a title for the batch image set, and a description if you'd like.  Then click on "Choose File".

You will then choose the file from your computer that you want to upload to the website.  Once selected, click "Upload".  Continue adding images to your gallery this way.


Once all of your images are added, scroll down and click "Save".

That's it!  After you save, the gallery will be shown with the images at full size.  Keep this tab open, and open a new tab with to create your forum post or expedition report or whatever it is that you want to post.  


Okay, so now we're creating a forum post.  In the "Body" copy editor, place the cursor where you would like to insert the image.  Click on the "Image" button in the toolbar (circled below).

Click on the tab that still has your newly-created gallery open, and right-click on the image that you want to insert.  Click "copy image address" - 

Then back on the forum post, paste the URL that you just grabbed from the image into the field.  You can also click on "width" and make the image display smaller.  


This is also where you can set an image to be clickable to enlarge.  To accomplish this, change the width to a smaller size and click on the "link" tab at the top.  Paste the same URL that you grabbed from your gallery image into the "URL" field and click OK.  This is the full-size image that will display when clicked on.

Voila!  Your image has been added to the forum post.  If you keep one tab open with your gallery, and another for the post you are creating, you can copy and paste the image URLs easily as you create your post or expedition report.

Any questions you might have, please ask away!


Happy posting.