Gar, Longnose

<p>Mississippi River. Pool 11. Last ditch effort near boat ramp. took 3 casts. 47&quot;.</p>
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47"!  Great gar, Bob.  

Thanks Bill. It was a very lucky catch as I had my neighbor backing my vehicle in so I could drive the boat onto the trailer. He got stalled by a train so I called him and said I am gonna try for a gar just down from the ramp. I got this fish on my 3rd cast and brought it into the ramp so he could take my pic with my phone and so we could measure it. Pretty good end to a great day. I caught an incidental 3# walleye and an incidental pike to go along with my shorthead redhorse caught off a pontoon while hanging out on a sandbar with the family;gotta love the Mighty Miss. We also got 9 silver chubs off the pontoon today which is the most of that species I have caught in one day