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Gar on the Fly
Hey guys, I wanted to share a post I published earlier today regarding targeting gar with a fly rod. I'd love some input from the rough fish crowd if you don't mind checking it out. Here's the link: Thanks Chris
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Here's a clickable version of

Here's a clickable version of that link:

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that was a great read -

that was a great read - awesome indepth stuff.  Thank you for sharing, I think this kindof breadown is invaluable


DavidG Blog:

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Great perspective

Thinking outside the box for gar fly selection!  It's great to hear about your success.  I especially enjoyed your emphasis on placing the cast very deliberately so the fly passes their eyeball.  Having watched many gar strikes with both pet gar and those in the wild, I think it's a great thing to consider.  Also when a gar strikes in this sideways motion, a small sharp fly might better sink into the fleshy rear part of their mouth instead of the beak where it's difficult to get a good hook.  Your take is spot-on there too.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks guys!

Thanks for the feedback guys!  It is very much appreciated!

Andy - It is amazing, though unsurprising, just how visually oriented gar are as predators.  It really makes them a perfect target for sight casting with a fly rod. 

Beyond that, it is also a great test of an angler's casting accuracy.  I've lost more than a few to errant casts that touched down too far foward. 


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Break Offs?

Well done!  Sight fishing for gar is absolute blast!  Gargantua slowly appears from the depths and I, with my pounding heart, have to make a perfect cast.  Love it.

Thinking back . . . I have never had a gar break off with a rope lure.  Has that happened to you all?  I learned from Garman Jack (of Lake Lanier) to keep my drag loose when fishing ropes.  I've lost plenty but never had one break off.

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Sorry for the slow reply. 

Sorry for the slow reply.  Just back from out of the country.

Excellent tip on the loose drag.  I haven't personally experienced it as I don't fish rope flies, but I have broken off the occasional gar on other flies.