Frozen II

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Frozen II
<p>Anyone else notice Frozen II is basically just an anti-dam movie hahaha</p>
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No kids. But I might have to watch it, then!

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Im not sure I'd go that far!

Im not sure I'd go that far! Haha I can just give you a quick run down. The bad guy gives a "gift" of a dam to people he wants to conquer and it drains the life out of the land. Then there's a battle/murder and because of the wrong deeds a curse is put on the forest. To break the curse the heroes (Elsa, Anna etc.) have to destroy the dam. Something tells me that they won't make a third one featuring the Arrendele pikeminnow returning to its ancestral spawning grounds hahaha

Tyler W
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Anti-Dam Message

I caught that too! Thought it was great. I think we should pitch the Arrendele Pike Minnow story to the writters. They need to make a third movie anyway... 


I don't consider hydropower a renewable resource because it uses up one whole river and turns it into a lake. I thought it was pretty funny that they pin all the problems on the dam. Not far off when you consider the ecosystem effects of dams in the Pacific Northwest.