Fishing in Maryland?

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Fishing in Maryland?
Hello everyone I'd like to make a trip maybe 2-3 days to go salt water fishing. Could anyone tell me what license I need? Would my catfish rig be strong anuff? What are some good piers/beaches to go to? What kind of bait should I use? Also anyone live nearby that could maybe put me and my fiance for a couple days for a fair price or recommend any fair priced hotels. Thanks!
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To fish Saltwater in Maryland

To fish Saltwater in Maryland you need a Maryland Chesapeake Bay/Coastal license.  If you get that you'll be registered for the completely useless program mentioned in Detfik's link.

If you want to fish the Chesapeake Bay then Point Lookout is a good place to go.  Stripers, Blues, Summer Flounder, some years Red Drum, Croaker, Spot, and lots of other odds and ends, including eels and cow nosed rays.

If want to fish the Ocean think about Ocean City.  Without a beach vehicle Delaware is a better bet for the walk on Surf Fisherman.  You can catch the above named species as well as severel species of Sharks, Rays and Skates, Kingfish, Tautog, if you go late summer/early Fall it's a good time for the widest variety of fish.

Your catfish stuff should be fine for most stuff.  Squid, cut bait, killies, crabs, fish bites, sand fleas are all good baits to try.  


Don't know about hotels but there's plenty of camping in all these places.  Point lookout has a camp site in the park.

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It's not too far to the Outer

It's not too far to the Outer Banks too.  I take it you are in West by Crackey too.  I go to Nags Head and all points south a couple times per year.  A big catfish rig is probably OK but a basic 10'-12' surf rig isn't too expensive.  You can cast further and keep your line higher in the surf.  I'm trying to pick my weekend for a tuna trip.  Looking Buxton in April or maybe very early May.  

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