Fishing in the Hudson River

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Fishing in the Hudson River
<p>Has anyone have experience fishing the manhattan section of the Hudson river? Any tackle recommendation for fishing there? Planning on targeting micros and unusual species that hang around. I'll most likely fish around&nbsp;pier 40 but I'll move downtown to work different piers.&nbsp;</p>
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I'm no help here, but I'm

I'm no help here, but I'm likely moving to NYC this summer, so I've been doing some research as well. Seems that striped bass get the vast majority of attention. White catfish are in this area, though, so I'm hoping to target them.

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I fished the NYC area a lot

I fished the NYC area a lot decades ago, plenty of Striped Bass as you mentioned but lots of other critters as well.  Last time I was there was two or three years ago and I caught Nothern Sea Robin, Porgy, Bluefish, Northern Kingfish, I didn't even have good bait, just used gulp and slowly jigged it off the bottom.  I fished in the Red Hook Area of Brooklyn and down in Battery Park.  

Hope that helps