Eel Tactics?

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Eel Tactics?
Hello everyone! I live in North Central West Virginia and would love to catch a eel! I was wondering if anyone knew any waters around me that holds some? Also what should I look for in habitat and what should I use as bait for the? Also if you have any other info you could share I would appreciate it! Thanks everyone!
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If you're truly in eel

If you're truly in eel territory a simple bottom rigged worm (as you would for bullhead) would suffice. However I'm not sure there is an individual way to intice them, more so than other night dwellers. In Nothern PA its as simple as catching bullheads.

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The eel can live anywhere, so

The eel can live anywhere, so leave no body of water unfished.  This includes the stoopidest places to fish you can think of like peoples koi ponds and farm pasture ponds.  Also fountain ponds that people throw change into are known to harbor eels.  They could be anywhere in WV.  Dont rule anything out...