Early Spring Action?

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Early Spring Action?
My son is home for Spring Break. With the extremely warm winter we've had here in central MN, we are itching to hit a river fishing somewhere tomorrow. I've noticed that the koi in my pond have come out of torpor and have been moving around looking for food more, they even rose to the surface and took pellets from me as did the bullheads. Any thoughts on trying our luck this early, what we should use for bait (worms on a Carolina, I was thinking), and where might give us our best shot at pretty much any action. I'm not really caring what species we get, just want to get out.
Not sure if you already

Not sure if you already headed out today, but I can confirm carp are active on the MN right now. Crawler on the bottom should produce carp, redhorse, or sheepshead. 

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My son and I caught some

My son and I caught some Shorthead Redhorses and White Suckers on the Sauk River last night. The bite was pretty good! We were just using crawlers on a bottom rig.

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Round 2

I'm in the TC metro. I got out a couple times about a month ago and found water up to 46 degrees. I caught some bluegills, crappies, and 1 white sucker. Then the weather turned cold again and I hit pause. I am finally heading back out this afternoon. I'm hopeful this warmup  last few days has our water temps back to the upper 40's again and that fish are getting more active. It is supposed to be a 2 anchor day with substantial wind, but warm and sunny.