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Dr Flathead
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<p>Weed is legal in Colorado now for recreational use.&nbsp; I cant believe they passed that.&nbsp; Wow!&nbsp; Now imaging targeting Mountain Suckers and being all freaking stoned legally.&nbsp; Sorry, this is a huge step for our country here.&nbsp; I be curious to see how this all plays out til the next vote on it and even more curious to see if other states try to&nbsp;follow suit.</p>
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Safer that alcohol!

Guess I might have to get an Elk tag and plan a couple mountain fishing trips now!

the pyromaniac
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Washington legalized it too.
Washington legalized it too.




Let there be fire!

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I wonder how long this trend of "states passing laws that conflict with federal law" will continue? I don't have a horse in the race, it is just an interesting social-political turn of events.  Interestingly, when I lived there (2008-2011), medical marijuana dispensaries were everywhere (on the front range anyway).  One small town in the mountains (1,000 people), we counted 3 medical marijuana places  - that was just going through town, we didn't stop to look for them.  Of course that was one of the only mountain towns I've seen with dispensaries.  Colorado is a weird place, the front range is all hippies (and yuppies and yippies) and the rest of the state is extreme conservative.  The rules will continue swing that way, though, as the front range population continues to grow.


Maybe with the continued power shift the front range residents can start pushing for better restoration efforts on the endangered native species.  Of course that's mostly in the hands of the feds, for better and worse.

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Big step toward decriminalizing something that is tame in comparison to all of our other societal problems.  I really do believe that other states will follow, and Minnesota may be one of the next in line.  I have a relative who lives in CO and her roomate has been working as a medical marijuana dispensary for you can just grow your own 6 plants and not have to deal with criminals for your smoke.  Love it.  I will definitely make a trip out to Colorado this Spring now!


Oh, and yeah being legally stoned while fishing for native suckers out there or hiking up into RMNP for cutts and smoking a joint makes it that much sweeter!  Go weed! 

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Interesting how your country

Interesting how your country is becoming steadily more liberal, while mine is being flushed down a conservative toilet. I haven't smoked in over 10 years but still think this is a definite step in the right direction.




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It's a sliding scale!
Idunno, guys... Legalize that, and next thing you know, people will want to smoke horses, dogs, cats, cows... Where do you draw the line?!

Fishn sure is neat

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I heard about a woman who

I heard about a woman who wants to smoke a bridge.... 

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So now when you lose a hook

So now when you lose a hook in the weeds....



It doesn't matter what you're fishing for, just as long as you're out there doing it.

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Ganja man be proud!

Really though, how many people know of someone who called in sick cuz of a massive overhang off booze. Or worse yet came to work as drunk at 8:oo a.m. as they were at 8:00 p.m. the night before?

Now, take a guy who wraps a fatty and burns that. The next day all ya got is some empty Dorito bags and maybe a couple of empty Ho-Ho wrappers. Nuttin more.  Definatley not an employee who can't work. Not one that is nursing a headache and is very slow and lazy.

Booze is legal, weed aint? More later, gotta regroup.

the pyromaniac
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So yesterday I told my fishing buddy/neighbor/employer Tóño the Mexican and some of my co-workers about this..... "I always liked living in Washington back when I was one of the nameless, faceless multitude of illegals... Now I know why!" Yep, that's what Tóño had to say about it...




Let there be fire!

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About damn time. Hopefully in

About damn time. Hopefully in ten years when most fo the ancient southern baptists in Florida die it will be legal here too...

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One of the most powerful

One of the most powerful lobby groups in North America is the pharmaceutical promoters.

Weed has been empirically proven to be an effective appetite stimulant in patients undergoing chemo, a powerful analgesic (without the nasty side-effects of opiods), very effective at alleviating inner eye pressure caused by glaucoma, a strong anti-convulsant for people with epilepsy...the list goes on and on..and all this with little to no side-effects whatsoever.

The drug companies will see huge profit losses if anybody can simply grow this wonder drug at home. This is why pot became illegal in the first place and it's the pharma lobby, more than anyone else, who keep fighting to keep it illegal.

Just sayin'.




Dr Flathead
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Good points Eli.  Also gotta

Good points Eli.  Also gotta consider the benefits of Hemp made goods as well.  Pot is very under-utilized all in all.

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Economy boost anyone?

Just think if they legalized it in all 50 states........ ya know how many jobs it would create.  Also theres always been a huge Columbian and Mexican drug cartel problem with killings etc. at the border.  Although cocaine is a big part of that, pot is the other half, if it was legal here we would have no need for those drug smugglers and it would slowly shrivel up, cutting those issues in half.  More jobs, less stress, less drug cartels killing and making gangs.  Counselors and therapists would loose some of their clientel, but hey who needs them anyway.


Also as to Eli's point, your right about pharmecutical companies, but even though its been illegal, I think they're beginning to see that it doesn't matter that much, as people who want it can get it very readily.  I'd say about 50% of the people I know smoke it, and back in my high school and college days the percent was higher.  Pharmacy companies just need to make more of the medicinal grade smoke and they'll be getting their piece of the pie.

angry mongrel
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The grass deal always baffled
The grass deal always baffled me. I have a longgg family history between booze and dope and I'll tell you right know that most people in my family that had the booze issue were constantly in trouble and most dead. Now the ones that stuck to the hooch are happy healthy sustained individuals that lead everyday normal live contributing to society. Now this is my personal opinion but we should have stuck with a prohibition on alcohol and made pot legal. Scratch that just keep the damn government out of it maybe. Hooray for Colorado I am happy to see some asses free of heads. Good for Washington also. Someday it will happen here someday I certainly hope! Anyway as DT said.... time to regroup. From a long time smoker and proud of it dammit!

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata

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half baked....
"Ever know anybody that suck d**k for weed?" lmao funny movie!



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