Catfish, Channel Dan Morey



Lake Erie
Date Caught: 
Monday, August 19, 2019
Jigging on kayak


andy's picture

That is a big channel catfish, and I bet it towed your kayak around for quite a while.  Awesome catch!

Graceclaw's picture

Wow, what a chunky kitty! What were you using/targeting when you hooked into this beast?

Dan Morey's picture

Yeah, my kayak only weighs 40-some pounds, so it was a Nantucket sleighride for sure. 

Out on Lake Erie these cats are super aggressive predators, so I target them accordingly. Big live bait, Erie Dearie spinners, jigs...this one hit cut bait on my favorite hometown jig...Someday Isle's Water Puppet. You can really make 'em dance and figure 8 down there in the deep!

RoughFish's picture

Nice catch!

Divemaster's picture

Man, what a chunker. Congrats again on that gorgeous specimen, Dan! I regret not spending enough time fishing for Cats out there this year, they may have to be a primary focus next summer. Where do you get those water puppets that you spoke off, I assume one of the bayfront or eastside shops carry them?

Dan Morey's picture

You can still get into the cats, Sean. They're sticking pretty close to the perch right now, looking for big dinners. Of course, finding perch hasn't exactly been easy on Erie this year...seem to be schooling up a bit more now, though. You can buy water pups at East End Angler or Presque Isle Angler on State St. (the old Smitty's). Made in Harborcreek! Really want to try them out on the Lakers this fall, if I can get a day that isn't blowing 20 knots. Would love to pull one of those beasts onto the yak!

Divemaster's picture

Good to know! Unfortunately, I think we’ll only have one or two more days on the boat this year. On the bright side, both of those days should* be in NY for Lakers!


And, speaking of which, you should most definitely try to get out for them this November! Launch out of shades and work the 20-40 FOW zone around Thanksgiving, there should be plenty there. I may finally have found a couple of folks with a boat to get out there with myself this fall, too.

Dan Morey's picture

Yeah, boat would be the smart way to go, but I want to get one on the yak. Lefebre tried it last fall and got blown off the lake. Typical weather that time of year. Just have to wait for the perfect day. Good luck in Dunkirk…saw you pounded ‘em last time!

Divemaster's picture

Erie is certainly a fickle lake in the Fall, especially November. And thanks! We’re on our way there now, hopefully the fish and lake are cooperative today.