Catfish, Channel

<p>PB channel! This beast was 30” and was super heavy. It’s stomach was so largeee!&nbsp;</p>
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andy's picture

Huge channel man, nice catch!

Peeling Line's picture

Great catch.  That first pick looks like it's 30 pounds. 

Flytyin&#039;Joel's picture

I didn’t get an accurate measurement on it and just said about 30”.  I went down maybe an inch or two; or maybe more because I didn’t wanna say it was longer than it was actually. If anything, it may be longer than 30”.  And it sure felt like 30lbs! Haha 

Graceclaw's picture

Wow, what an absolute UNIT. I caught a 27" yesterday, and based off of that, I'd say yours is probably pushing 32-34" and unbelievably round. I wonder what it's been feeding on to make it that large - small childre, perhaps?

Carp Chaser's picture

Ooh what a monster

"There's always a bigger fish"