Catching Gar in dirty water

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Catching Gar in dirty water
<p>How can I catch Longnose in stained water where I cant see them? also how can I troll for them. thanks</p>
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dirty gar

Even in dirty water, they will often surface to gulp air.  Where you see 'em, fish for 'em.  Blind casting in suitable areas sometimes scares up a few, but it's not your best option.  

Troll with a rope lure and a loose drag or limber rod.  Another option is drifting/slow trolling through the area with bait.

Go get 'em!

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They'll find their way to a s

They'll find their way to a stationary bait pretty easily too... if you're bait fishing you can suspend cutbait or live shiners or whatever a few feet under a float and pick up bites just as well as you would in water with good clarity.


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