Carpsucker run

Some friends and I went out to Indian Creek in Cedar Rapids Iowa and fished from the appropriately named Quillback Bridge.  From up high we could see the distinct white fins of hundreds of carpsuckers.  There were lots of other fish in the creek we could see such as pike and redhorse.  We tried catching the carpsuckers but none of them would bite only the golden and shorthead redhorse.   I guess they had their mind on spawning.  I got some pretty sweet footage of these carpsuckers schooling.  It surprised me that there were schools made up of quillbacks, highfins and rivers.  I had always thought they kept to themselves.  Although the day I caught my first river and highfin they were both hanging out in the same spot (slack water near a dam).


Species List:


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Love it! Great job and thanks for the report!