Car Seat Cover?

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Car Seat Cover?
<p>Guys, can you help me out with this one. I just bought a new car last month. I plan on bringing my 2-year old Labrador with me when I go fishing. Can you suggest me where I can find a high quality dog seat cover? I want to protect the backseat of my car from scratches, drool, and stuff since we are going for a long drive. Appreciate your suggestions.</p>

I came across with this dog car seat cover when I was checking some sites online. They have variety of brands to choose from. Has anyone tried this brand of seat cover? Would you recommend it?

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Box or Blanket

I trained my dog to travel in an old DeWalt table saw box with a blanket in it.  He loved it for some reason.  If I were you I'd just spread an old blanket over the seat and save yourself a few bucks.



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Pretty sure this is spam meant to promote the brand 'she' linked to, ha.