Can't believe it....

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Can't believe it....
Maybe this isn't the best place to post this, but a huge part of Mn culture is suddenly gone - at only 57, apparently from complications from pushing himself too hard while fighting off the stupid flu bug that's been going around!!! Unbelievable... Loved his music, his style, cocky attitude, and unrivalled creativity. RIP Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson - life is just too dang short and unpredictable. At least he died among friends at home, and doing what he loved most - sharing his awesome music with hometown fans right here in Mn. Very shocking and sad loss.
kernel j
My condolences.  Do console y

My condolences.  Do console yourself with some Leo Kottke, another fine resident of your state and (IMHO) a bit more musically interesting.

Death can actually be a new begining in some wayscheeky