BWCA late summer lake trout and burbot ideas?

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Eric Kol
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BWCA late summer lake trout and burbot ideas?
<p>Hello people.</p> <p>I&#39;m taking my middle daughter and her friend to the BWCA this week, They have no idea what they are in for! Mostly now I have two sherpas in training to haul my gear whilst I plumb the depths of a choice handfull of Gunflint trail lakes for tasty and beautiful lakers. I also hadn&#39;t failed to notice burbot turn up in nearly all the DNR sampling. So, I have never fished lakers this late in the seaon up there. Any suggestions? Tuscarora is my main lake this trip with day trips to several others with lakers. I&#39;m planning the normal big spoons and big jigs. Any other tackle/technique suggestions?&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Now, What about pout in the summer in the BWCA? Anyone ever caught a pout in the summer in the BWCA? I am going to give it a whirl. I have a good little lake that I can get white suckers out of up there. Cut bait! I&#39;m thinking of bottom fishing at night in on or around some of the deepest holes in the lake, but in this case the holes are 130ft deep! I&#39;m not sure they would be the best starting point. Should I concentrate on 80ft holes closer to structure? Where should I begin my pout quest?</p>
Tyler W
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A different lake

Do you hate your sherpas? That is not a fun lake to get too...

Assuming that you have your heart set on Tuscarora and that you are bringing a depth finder:

I highly recomend snap on trolling weights. The clips are red and cost a couple bucks each. I clip them on 20' ahead of my lure and use a mono droper to make an instant three way rig. To get 30' deep at 1.5mph I recomend a 3oz sinker. Hopefully, they are only 30' deep. I recomend floating rattling cranks  and the williams wobbler spoon.

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I had a memorable run in with a remarkable laker at the Little Pallisaides - if you are putting in near Seagull swing by there and whack your paddle against the cliff three times...sometimes magic happens


And geezelouize don't forget to tell your sherpas about bearsnrabbits! ;)

"Can you pull the leviathan in with a fishook?" Job 41: 1


Eric Kol
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I love my sherpas. That is

I love my sherpas. That is why I am taking them back to one of my favorite lakes. I ahve been back several times over the years. 142 rods followed by 366 rods will hardly seem like anything to two 13 year old girls...... They know that we are in no hurry and they will have all the help they want.


I really would like to try for a pout!

Carpy Diem!

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My suggestion is that you have like a total bunch of fun and take plenty of photos.

I'd love to get up there and try for Lake Trout sometime...

Fishn sure is neat

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Have you tried using buzz

Have you tried using buzz-bombs before? They're my mid-August laker lure. Try drifting across the descending edge of the drop-off zone and jig them close to the bottom -- two or three oz. buzz-bomb is what I use. Heavy, super-glo jigs like the kind used for ice fishing might be worth trying as well.


I think you got the right idea for fishing the burbot. What we like to do is find a camp spot with a deep hole right next to shore if it's possible, and get a fire roaring on shore while we wait for the burbot to bite. I've caught burbot in more than 100 feet of water but they do come up shallower at night. Mind your bait doesn't spoil. Burbot like their meat fresh.

mike b