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Burb GTG
<p>Hey dudes, Is there going to be another Pout-o-rama this year? We should try to work out a date now, so folks can get it off and what not.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I&#39;ll make it this year if it freaking kills me.</p>
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Depends on Winter

The Pout-o-Rama really is a timing thing.  Depending on how Winter progresses, the lawyers will run accordingly.  I would say based on History that the first or second weekend in January would be a target, but let's let Winter get her feet under her before we make any kind of solid plans.  Hope you can make it this year RF29!

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From what I've gathered

From what I've gathered talking to locals there, the burbot run doesn't vary more than a week or so.  1st or 2nd weekend should put ya on decent fishing.  Timing will determine if the big females are around, the males will be there.  Wonder if that spot changed much in the epic flood this summer?  Haven't been there since.  Bet there is some serious timber in there...


What we really need right now is some cold.  Water temps on the big lake this summer/fall have been crazy (we swam many times in Lake Superior proper).  The weather is going to have to put in overtime to put a good lid on everything.  We are catching up to being on track now, down into the 20's most nights.  Bring on the single digits and hold off the wind and we'll be walking on water in no time...

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Here's an idea ...

Just gonna throw this out there ... why don't you and Tony plan and organize the Pout-O-Rama together?  Tony knows a hell of a lot more than Andy and I do ... even if we *cough* started fishing burbot at that spot twelve years ago.  Hell, all I know how to do is jig a buckshot spoon with a damn shiner head on it.  But Tony has impeccable social skills, and you've got youthful vigor on your side.  I tried to do it last year, and all I ended up with was having a long conversation with the police and the entire inside of my brand new car getting covered in green glitter.  Yeah, you just heard that.  No more green glitter, people, unless it's covered in epoxy and attached to a fishing pole or a lure of some kind.  I'm sorry I have to say that.  No more green glitter. The next time I see a fleck of green glitter while fishing I'm going to have a full-blown Vietnam flashback.  And don't ever ask me about Vietnam.  Or glitter.


If you do decide to take up the challenge, be sure to include legal parking in your schemes.  Last time the cops got angry about our occupation of our holy and venerated Gooseneck Bend.  The whole operation could be jeapardized and future roughfishers might not have the same amazing experience available to them if this year's operation isn't executed perfectly.  This is a serious threat; many of my favourite roughfishing spots that have become public knowledge have since become off-limits to fishing because too many people tried to access them quickly and simultaneously.  I blame the internet.  And the aliens.  And the Russians.  And the gays.  It's a conspiracy.  They're taking over all of my old fishing haunts and building landing strips for gay communist aliens.  So be careful.  Gooseneck Bend could be next!


Roughfishers should be on their best behavior.  That means no automatic weapons or explosives this year, and no parking in the road.  No nuclear-powered glow-lures unless they comply with all appropriate international weapons control treaties.  Also, anybody who chainsaws out a 30-yard chunk of river ice to flyfish for burbot will be circle-hooked in the eyelids and dragged out to Superior by robot hippo submarines.  If there's no room to park right at the bend, drive down to the end of the point and park there.  You have legs, you can walk.  If you don't have legs, call me.  If not, suck it up and walk. 


JK, please try to keep all of your robot-hippo-submarines under the ice at all times when not in use and for God's Sake use a flash suppressor when directing traffic with gunfire.  People just need to use common sense.  Armored personel carriers over twelve tons are not allowed on the river, and the use of white phosphorous grenades is highly discouraged.  Paint your phosphorous grenades blue, people, it only takes a few minutes. 


I don't understand how people can forget these simple rules.


Let's have a great Pout-O-Rama.






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Wait, now I'm NOT supposed to bring robot hippos?

Howdy Trailboss,


Respectfully, the problem is not the robot hippos. The problem is Stalinist Leprechauns sneaking through the snowdrifts with baskets of green glitter. Without a strong perimeter of robot hippos, the little bastards are going to fill your car with even *more* green glitter this time. Like my Grandpappy always said "You want to keep away Stalinist Leprechauns? Two words, boy. Robot. Hippos". Then my Grandpappy said "Stop yer daydreaming about robots and go get me a double-double bourbon, mellonhead!".



PS- In my Grandpappy's day, robot hippos were steam powered and as such unsafe to bring out on the river ice.

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Damn, I love this brotherhood.

There won't be a surprise Dutchman this time. Not as a surprise, either.

So that means no stroopwafels to toss down iceholes to keep the robot hippos calm(ish!).

I shudder to  think of how that might affect matters. All of you will be in my thoughts and should probably get onto writing your last wills and testaments, if you haven't already (in a totally unrelated matter: I just want to say how much I am impressed with Krocodile Spoons and 2000 Chevy Blazers).


When the time rolls around, I'll keep an eye on the news.

Fishn sure is neat

Tyler W
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Who needs parking spots? I feel like the simplest thing would be to park the cars on the robot hippos. As far as the communist leprechauns.... well, I am going to start painting grenades. What color do you want the claymores?

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I'm willing to help organize

I'm willing to help organize the Pout-O-Rama.  I'll make some calls in the next week or two and try to see if there are any additional options for parking.  I'll put up a post in regards to dates as well.

Dr Flathead
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Geez, if I were the glitter

Geez, if I were the glitter monster, I would have hit the white van parked there.  Like a canvas for that kind of art.

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Ill try and make it again

Ill try and make it again this year. hard to say if Ill be able to or not. 

you guys should just pay off a resident there. Give em $50 to park there for the day. 
everyone throws in a few bucks for parking a bam. No problem.

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Josh - that's what I'm going

Josh - that's what I'm going to look into.  I have some contacts in town, there has got to be somebody-who-knows-somebody... etc.   

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Maybe a night trip is worth

Maybe a night trip is worth it? Maybe somewhere else? If the residents don't like it and the spot is fairly small and easily overwhelmed........We could do an overnight festival on Leech or Mille Lacs?  Just a thought.

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I think we're OK

I just made the post to make sure people take every measure to reduce our impact on the local people, because their city council could block off our access with a single meeting.  Like the city council in Afton did.

Apparently, my amazing brother Andy has already thought this through and talked to Tony about it.  I don't expect any problems. 

Still, keep the glitter to a minimum and paint your grenades blue.