Bullhead, Black sandman28484



Buffalo River
Date Caught: 
Sunday, May 23, 2021


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Caught on a nightcrawler with egg weight.

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Hey man, welcome to the site! 

I believe this is a Black Bullhead, not Yellow. The body color actually isn't a great indicator of species. Yellow bullhead will have distinctly white/yellow whiskers, while Brown and Black will have darker or mottled whiskers. You can see in this picture that this fish has dark whiskers. The other main characteristic I look for to determine Black vs Brown or other bullhead is the light 'crescent moon' shape at the base of the tail. You can see the remnants of one on this fish (it gets less moon-like the bigger the fish). All that said, this is a nice black bully!

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Thanks for the info man! That's a new species I never thought I'd catch. I never paid attention to what kind of bullhead is which but now I think I understand.