Buffalo, Bigmouth

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Ain't that just a purrty fish! Is it your lifer? Also, I own 3 pairs of those shoes and wear them everywhere, even out to dinner (much to my wife's dismay)

Mathew Williams's picture

Yep, that is the lifer. Wasn't even targeting them, saw some large fish attacking shit at the surface and started casting a jig, and this is apparently what they turned out to be. The shoes, I have a complicated relationship with them; they're tough, which I love, and they're substantial enough that they offer some protection in the water, and the soles seem to be thick enough for studs (I've intended to apply some for a while). But the comparatively large amount of protection they offer for sandals also tends to trap rocks when wading, and it's tough to get them out without completely removing them. They also don't dry quickly when wet.

As long as they don't get wet, they're nearly perfect I think. In the water, I definitely don't love them, but I haven't found any better alternatives. There are options which do some things better, but none without significant trade-offs.