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Bottom Feeders
<p>Not sure who&#39;s interested but Outdoor Channel will be premeiring a new show on Jan.3rd called, &quot;Bottom Feeders.&quot;&nbsp; It will be about some comercial fishermen and their quarry (roughfish).&nbsp; Interestingly, I know Wisconsin will be where they do some of the fishing and&nbsp;filming.&nbsp; Just thought I would let you all know for whatever it&#39;s worth.</p>
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Great... This is exaclty what

Great... This is exaclty what we need. 
I am sorry i have zero love for Comercial fishermen. Most are idiots at best and the other half are so currupt it isnt funny. 

I am so sick of these stupid reality shows. 


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As I seen the picture it
As I seen the picture it looks like there after the bighead and silver carp right? Always said best way to get rid of the hog and python problem is to let them be commercial hunted!
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They are after the Buffalo.

They are after the Buffalo.  It sells for a very nice price on the market. 
They claim they are after carp, they are not.  Anyone who has seen their trucks can back me up on this. They do take the carp, but the Buffalo are transported live to Chicago from Wisconsin and Minnesota. there they go to New York mostly. 
$5-6 a pound is not uncommon. 


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Thanks for the info never
Thanks for the info never seen there trucks as I don't live in that area. :^)
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hahah true. 

hahah true. 

Ill see if I can find the pictures 
Flatbeds filled with dead common carp, suckers and quillback and the live tanks full of live Buffalo. 
Thousands of pounds of fish removed for profit.

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Here are a few pics of one of

Here are a few pics of one of the carp clearing netting operations near me. 

All bigmouth buffalo all still alive fresh from the nets. 

They hauled them away in this 

Filled with lake water they transported this to Ohio for holding. 
This lake is infected with the VHS virus and it is forbidden for fishermen to take any water from the lake or remover any live fish. Yet the DNR didnt stop this. 

This is the same group that caused the die off of over 7000 fish from his careless net use. Basically once he saw how big the haul was on Buffalo he waited to pull the nets until they could get a bigger live truck up from Ohio. This resulted in a major fish kill. 

He was Hired by the Lake association to remove carp. So not only did he cash a check roughly 10k on this he hauled away several thousand pounds of fish for the market to be sold for roughly $2-3 a pound "rough"

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Jknuth that is the crime against nature my friend and you have suffcient evidence to report them. I dont know if the word "snitch" is your vocab. but in a situation like the one you have it would be in mine and the fact that there doing this in a lake that has a disease and overfishing a species that is native is horrible.and they do it like there is no dnr in the first place.greedy irresponsible pigs is what they are

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Screwing themselves and others for double the profit.


Striper, I believe he's saying the DNR is a willing accomplice in this thing.  If not willing, then UNwilling to stop a commercial enterprise to which few people are vocally opposed.

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Well, I think many are to

Well, I think many are to blame for such abuse.  Commercial fishermen, DNR, Lake Associations, and just general public sentiment towards roughfish as a whole.  Most people don't know the difference between a carp and a buffalo and so therefore are just as content to see them all go.  It seems to me that the only ones (DNR) who have some influence in the matter tend to side with public opinion rather than indiginous species.  This borders on corruption.


We (Roughfishers) need to continue to educate the public of the value of these indiginous species. 

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Exactly. They are doing

Exactly. They are doing nothing illegal in the netting. They did however get fined for the fish kill. roughly $300 a month for many many years. I believe He recieved a $10,000 fine total. 
However a few netting contracts and he can recoup that. There is talk he will again soon be netting in Wisconsin and I know he nets in Minnesota. 
They are all the same though and Buffalo is their prize. 

We are all to blame, The DNR sides with the people. The people side with the Media. The media feeds off of fear. 

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Got a boat? Know where his

Got a boat? Know where his nets are set?

Night time + pair of scissors = his haul is worth fuckall.




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Yuck Feah.

Not that you're suggesting, recommending, or condoning such an action of course, Eli...

I know you aren't, but just putting it out there that you really aren't.

You know ... Or even with just a kayak and a beautiful sharp knife...

Fishn sure is neat

Dr Flathead
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I bet this is the same team

I bet this is the same team that nets Prescott on the St. Croix every spring.  I see the dead stuff down there all the time that they leave behind.  Again, the target is Buffalo.  Also see this on the Cannon River.  Bigmouths and Carp.  I'd love to hit the water armed with a machete (for cutting nets, not people)...