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<p>A lifer Bonnethead Shark caught last eve as last light was fading. It had been low tide around 3:30p and was outgoing thereafter. I arrived at my locale with the intention of throwing one 12&#39; spinning&nbsp; combo with 30lb mono with leftover refrozen squid from the freezer in hopes of hooking a ray of any sort, I&#39;ve never fair hooked any species of ray.</p> <p>Arriving at the intended location sometime after low tide and rigging the rod with the heaviest piece of lead I had on hand, a 6 ounce no roll, I tossed out. It was soon apparant that the tide was quite strong and no amount of weight was going to plant to the bottom.</p> <p>Letting the rod sit stationary for any amount of time and attempting to observe the bounce of the tip proved hopeless and every retrieve provideded giant balls of vegatation stuck to the lead.</p> <p>I dowsized the lead and hook from a 6oz and 5/0 circle to a 3oz and 2/0 J hook after feeling some taps without hooking up and started throwing against the tide while holding the rod and letting it drift down current with the tide. Eventually, I got an unmistakeable bite and set the hook. No Ray, but A lifer I was more than happy to land.</p> <p>I&#39;d left my backpack with pliers and camera a way down the beach. After gathering these things, removing the hook, attempting to revive the shark, and recruiting a nice young lady from a nearby bench to photogragh it for me, it was not capable of swimming once more, as I&#39;d hoped. Fair enough. I&#39;d read and heard that this species is ranked as &quot;good&quot; to eat, so I gutted it out right after it&#39;s photo op, rinsed it out in the salt water, and headed straight home to fillet it out. A tasty shark indeed, in my book. Firm white flesh and very mild in flavor.</p> <p>Hoisin and Chile sauce were agreed upon as favorable tastes to cook the chunked pieces inafter filleted. A bit of oil, red onion, salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, and cilantro were also thrown in the mix.</p> <p>A simple outing and little report, just thought I&#39;d throw something recent up as I have not done so in some time.</p> <p>A test shot for lighting without a flash. Nope, gonna need flash.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="" /><img alt="" src="" /><img alt="" src="" style="width: 1024px; height: 681px;" /></p>
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AWESOME!  Great pictures, thanks for putting this up!

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Nice to hear a report from

Nice to hear a report from you! Nice bonnethead those look sick and a decent sized one too if I'm not mistaken!

the pyromaniac
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Sweet report! The cooking
Sweet report! The cooking method you mentioned sounds really good......




Let there be fire!

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Super cool catch man!

Super cool catch man!

mike b

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I love those things. Nice

I love those things. Nice catch