Big stinky

Sunday, November 7, 2021
Large + in charge

I was happy to boat this very healthy fish yesterday. Capping off boat season 2021 with a pb muskie.



Goldenfishberg's picture

Awesome 'ski dude! Man I really like the coloration on that one super golden, what an absolute beauty! But I have to ask what made it 'big stinky'? Did ya get some Muskie doodoo on ya?

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Eli's picture

I find a lot of the local Esox have a nasty sour smell. Not sure why, but it does seem to be local phenomenon.




Amia Calva's picture

I love the colours on this one, looks like it's made of pure gold! Great contrast with the fall background colours as well.  Looks super healthy. Nice catch!

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2019 Goals: Golden Redhorse, White Bass, Spotted Sucker, Northern Sunfish

andy's picture

Great fish, great photo!  I want a Motorhead shirt now.

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