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Beginers Help
<p>Wow, i am overwhelmed.</p> <p>&nbsp; I am NOT an experienced fisher at all, i went for fun with my brother twice this summer and really like it, i found it relaxing. He is not an expert fisherman either, i am very overwhelmed with types of fishes, lures rods ect. I just want to go to the beach with my kid and have fun..can you recomend some easy fishing spots/bait/rods and such. For one adult and one child, =)</p>
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We can help!  Where are you

We can help!  Where are you in the world?  That way we can figure out what you'll need based on what fish species are there.  A lot of us have kids (myself included) and share this addiction that is fishing with them.  We'll help you figure out what you need to buy/beg/borrow, and you'll be off catching fish in no time!  I warn you though, fishing is addictive, and it will suck out your soul....  :-D

By the way, welcome!




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o my gosh! i live on long

o my gosh! i live on long island by the beaches.

i went on a boat with my brother but that was expensive, iv seen people off the shore fishing and thought it would be fun, now that the beaches are free i want to give it a try. I need to relax! if i buy rods off of ebay what are some good rod prices? i guess i'll just will look more around this site, but i feel like evryone is speaking another language when it comes to fishing lolsmiley

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We're a different breed

We're a different breed around here, even among fishermen!  I'd start with a good surfcasting rod with a heavy-duty spinning reel and about 20-pound test line.  You should be able to pick up a good one for under $50, or an entry-level one for about $30-35.  I'd spend the extra $15 so you don't have to buy a new one in a year.  Then get some bottom-fishing rigs and matching hooks and pyramid sinkers from your local tackle shop ($25 should get you what you need), and some bait.  For beach casting, I like bloodworms and shrimp.  That will catch just about anything....

If by Long Island, you mean New York, you can expect to see bluefish, sharks, cobia, croakers, flounder, searobin, tautog (blackfish), sea bass, cod, mackerel, kingfish, and porgies.




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Welcome Jellyfish

Welcome Jellyfish

I have a good friend who lives in your area. Ill get in touch with him and see what he suggests for the basics.
It may seem over whelming but its not as bad as it looks. Many of us are very specialized and try to catch very specific species.
However what we often don’t write about are the very basic trips where we set a bait out on the bottom and sit in a chair enjoy the view and wait. 
Fishing in your area may can be done very simply and economically.

You said you are in
Long Island. If I may ask what region of the area of Long Island? My friend probably knows some good piers and beaches you can fish. He may even know of a good bait shop that will help you out or even a fishing club where you can meet up and learn the basics.

I can tell right now your basic set up will be a hook, sinker and a pole. Probably using a piece of squid or a blood worm for bait.
I am talking very basic gear here.
Ill see what I can find out for you and post back here with a list of what you would probably need to get started.


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If you're simply trying to

If you're simply trying to catch fish for the kids, find a pier and use small live worms (preferably blood worms if you're comfortable touching it). If you want to fish the shoreline use squid or clams.

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Shrimp (live or frozen) work
Shrimp (live or frozen) work well too if you're not allergic to them. I wasn't until I got a job in my friend's restaurant but after shucking 700 shrimp 2-3x a week for 3 months I developed an allergy to them.




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I would just buy a couple of cheap rods, a couple of sand spikes, hooks, sinkers, and a bunch of frozen shrimp from a local baitshop.  Ask the folks at the shop to show you how to rig it up.  Bring a lawn chair down to the beach, cast a few baits out, put the rods in the sand spikes, and wait for bites.  You'll be catching fish in no time.

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I live  south of plainedge.

I live  south of plainedge. Yes I need to do this econmically!! I really just would like to do this to relax, Im overly stressed and loved sitting on the water. Maybe it could relax my under relaxed kid too


 so  I got it, 2 charis , 2 rods some worms and shrips and ask the bait shop for hooks and sinkers. My child is just about school age so sophisticated equipment would be lost on her.


Thankyou everybody!!

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Welcome Jellyfish!


I'm definitely still a beginner myself, and my primary reason for fishing is to relax, too! But as Pyromaniac posted, be careful ~ this "sport" can definitely become an obsession rather quickly - if not for the thrill of a fish fighting you on the end of the line, but just for sitting outside and enjoying a little fresh air and sunshine too, regardless if the fish bite or not!  ;)


The folks here are very friendly and helpful to all fisherfolks of all skill levels. I joined this site a year ago, and with lots of patient, kind, generous help from folks here I have caught lots of fish I never dreamed existed - let alone ever had the chance to fish for, land, and touch with my own hands! 


It's a great way for kids to get close to nature, and appreciate the natural world around them, regardless if they embrace fishing or not. God bless and good luck to you! 


p.s. I'm still overwhelmed by 90% of the jargon myself, but I love learning about it! 

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Welcome Jellyfish

I grew up on Long Island.  This is a great time of the year for beginning fisherman.  My advice is to go to Jones Beach Pier which I think is close to you.  Bring the sinkers but also some bobbers, buy some snapper hooks and some frozen spearing at the bait store then hit the pier for snapper bluefish.  They are super aggresive, easy to catch and taste great.  While you are there you'll see other people fishing for fluke and other bottom fish.  Watch what they do and copy them :).

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Heidi, you're too kind!
Heidi, you're too kind! Josh, Corey, Ant, & Pat, once again you've come through with good information right when it's needed! That's why I love this community!




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Hey Jellyfish,

Hey Jellyfish,


I have a location for you to try with your kid that is safe and it does produce some fish. I've personally be there so I know it is safe for children.


It is an hour away if that is not too far to drive. I'll send you directions over PM tonight. Check your PM and I hope it works out for you.


The same area I'm directing you to will have smaller fish in general most of the time. However, at the right time of year and water condition, you could see striped bass and bluefish running into the area as well. These are larger fish that would be a lot of fun to catch, but you would also need adequate (not necessarily more expensive) fishing equipment to catch them.



get the rods from walmart,

get the rods from walmart, can get 2 light action rods for like $20 total there.  Google how to tie fisherman knot if you be wont  with someone who will do it for you, Small hooks, 2 oz. sinker and sandworms or clams will catch any fish on the bottom at most docks on the south shore into early october, good luck

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Fishing Spots

I haven't fished your area, but I have a piece of general location advice...

We all know that fishing is more fun when you catch fish, especially for kids. Start by fishing around other anglers, and watch to see if they are catching anything! If you go to a beach and see that all the anglers walked to the far side, you should probably go down there too. There is a reason they are fishing one spot and not the whole thing. 


At community fishing spots most anglers are willing to share info and tips. If you show up an empty spot... it might just be empty. It takes time to learn how to tell which spots produce good fishing, following the crowd is the simple way of learning that for yourself. After awhile you will be able to see how rip tides (or other structure) draw in fish and you will find your own secret spots. 


Also, find a good local bait shop. If you stop by a couple times with your kid you will probably get good info on what is biting and where. 

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Kids bring the best luck! Great advice on here, good luck!



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Hey Jellyfish, did you get my

Hey Jellyfish, did you get my Private Message? How is it working for you? Now to about end of November is striped bass prime period along the Long Island coast. Get 'em while you can! Montauk was great in 2009 for me around this time of year (well, early Oct it was...but this year feels colder sooner so fish could possibly be a week or two ahead of schedule).