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Baitfeeder reels
<p>I&#39;m in the market for a baitfeeder spinning reel. &nbsp;I want to match it with a new 8 1/2 foot medium action steelhead rod, using 10 lb test mono. &nbsp;It will be used for bottom fishing primarily, with weights not much over 1.5 oz. &nbsp;Targeting longnose gar, light catfish and sturgeon duty, big-water redhorse and blues, and carp. &nbsp; General medium action big river stuff.</p> <p>I&#39;d like to stay away from an Avenger, if possible. &nbsp;Does anybody have a good reccomendation?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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I haven't actually used this reel, but this Tactics ELA 5000 has attracted my attention. It might be bigger than what you want since it is rated for 14 pound line, though - although that might be braid they are talking about since they are calling it a "medium". It's only 5 1/4 inches long. I have always liked the large-arbor spinning reels for increased casting distance and less line coil. At $62 it's not exactly cheap, but you could pay a lot more. Apparently they make an even smaller, ultralight model but this shop doesn't carry them.

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I can't say I've used a baitrunner that I've been impressed with yet (right now I'm tolerating a few small-medium size Avengers), so I can't contribute there.  


But those Balzer baitfeeders say the capacity is rated for "Balzer mono" - so 18lb is 0.28mm (the same as Trilene XL 10lb) and 30lb is 0.35mm (same as Trilene XT 10lb).  So they should be in a decent size range depending on how thick your 10lb mono is. 

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I purchased an Okuma Trio ree

I purchased an Okuma Trio Baitfeeder reel for that particular reason... It's not here yet, but within the next two days I'll have it and put it through some tests on the river. I'll let you know how it performs.


I've heard mixed reviews on how well the baitfeeder feature works on spinning reels, but I figured I would give it a shot.


I'll post some updates once I get it and use it!

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Get the smallest shimano bait

Get the smallest shimano baitrunner. It's the reel I use for light carp and redhorse in heavy current. I've banked a few incidental strugeon with it as well. You pay more, but you get your money's worth.

***edit: Just checked, and it's the baitrunner 4000d. 




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Okuma Trio

Dok, that is one wicked looking reel, you'll have to let us know how you like it.  I'm tempted to splurge for the Shimano, Eli they have a new model that seems to be equivalent to yours.  I know Shimano Baitrunners are tanks, Corey has had one for like 20 years and still abuses it!

Anyway, thanks for the tips, I'm still shopping around.


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I agree with Eli. I would may
I agree with Eli. I would maybe consider the 6000 series, good for live bait pike fishing too.
Dr Flathead
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I got a couple Okuma Epixor E

I got a couple Okuma Epixor EB30's.  Good middle duty baitfeeders.  Nice and smooth, a step up in quality from the Avengers.  Cost is around $100 bucks.  This reel size would pair with your 8 1/2 nicely.  I've used my contest rod that Corey or you made for me with an Epixor.  Its also an 8 1/2 foot steelhead.  The balance is perfect.

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Hate to say it but buy it once and enjoy. I've said it so many times but the okuma epixor does not hold up for me. I have some left but several have busted within a year. 

I have some cheap ones that held up better for me. 6 years and I feel them starting to fail also. My gear lasts longer than it used to sinc eI am not fishing as much.


It is all perspective!

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I've had an Epixor EB 50 for

I've had an Epixor EB 50 for about four years and it still works great. Caught some really big lake trout with it soaking ciscoes from shore. I'm not crazy about the reel configuration though. A bit awkward and clunky. Also got a Shimano Thunus 1600, which admittedly, although it's a great reel, I have no real practical use for it.

mike b

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check on CAG

Avengers are crap (and so are ALL no-name PRC reels that sell < $100) !!!


Epixors are a step up, but they're pot-luck -- you may luck into one that's solid for years, OR it may crap out in 6 mo. AND send your rod into the drink :(


Do your Baitrunner research on CAG (free join) and you can get a nice, lightly used Shimano/Daiwa there (look for a well-established member who's upgrading & unloading ):


P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Check out

Check out they are an online UK tackle shop with great selection of Shimano baitrunner reels in the medium size your looking for.

I know your looking for a BR reel but have you considered fishing a quickdrag or pitt style reel ?

I could never find a BR that matched up well on my Steelhead rods so have came to the revolation of fishing quality spinning reels with quick drag spools  - it matches the rod perfectly & gives you total drag control over screaming runs

Stay away from anything Daiwa in a BR period..

I am a huge fan of the newer Penn Battle & Fierce in the live linner series - so far they have been tanks

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oh yah,  might as well check

oh yah, 

might as well check ot US carp tackle dealers, before you consider $50 shipping from UK;

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Dok, that is one wicked looki

"Dok, that is one wicked looking reel, you'll have to let us know how you like it."


Andy, I got the reel I mentioned a couple days ago and so far I'm loving it. It feels like solid construction and the baitrunner feature couldn't be smoother. After only 1/8 of a crank rotation with NO resistance, the baitrunner lever snaps off and you're locked into the main drag setting. Worked flawlessly with an agressive Freshwater Drum on the other end of the line.


The only thing that makes me lose a bit of sleep at night was that there was a slight... for lack of a better description... "gritty" or "grinding" feeling in the bearings when the spool reached it's bottom most position. After about 50 rotations of the crank, the feeling subsided and everything was as smooth as butter. It still bothers me, though.


All that being said, time and time alone will tell how this reel will hold up. Since my other rod's Shimano spinning reel is basically shot, I will be picking up the Shimano Baitrunner 4000 OC. When that reel arrives, I'll be able to make a good comparison of the two.