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<p>Hi everyone! For those of you who suscribe to or regularly read American&nbsp;Currents, be on the look out of an article&nbsp;my brother and I co-authored, entitled, &nbsp;&quot;A Pack of Wild &quot;Dogfish&quot;: Aggregation by Adult <em>Amia calva</em>.&quot; The article will be coming out in the January publication. We did give a mention in the Acknowledgements seciton to, in heart felt appreciation for all the things this site means to us. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy it!</p> <p>(PS, I will be back on my reporting from my thesis soon in case there were any of you out there wondering :P)</p>
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Will look for it in AC and try to get a link here if possible!

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That sounds very awesome.

Well done, man. I hope I get a chance to read it...

Fishn sure is neat

Eric Kol
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right on.

right on.

Carpy Diem!