24 Hour Rod Race

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24 Hour Rod Race
<p>24 Hour Rod Race</p> <p>I dont know if anyone has seen this show on WFN channel. Its pretty laid back, mellow music, and produced in Britian. The guide description goes as such; &#39;European fisherman Matt Hayes faces ultra tough fishing challenges&#39;</p> <p>He recieves a challenge, usually be email, to fish a river or lake and make a certain catch in a 24 hour time period. The episode I watched was for him to fish this particular small river in England, and try to catch a 5lb chub. European fishing techniques are the highlight of the show and Hayes goes into some detail of the strategies. It is interesting that he&nbsp;describes &nbsp;course fish compared to game fish. Future shows will highlight other challenges for other types of fish and I am looking forward to watching future shows. You may want to check this out.</p>
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Sounds pretty cool, I'll have

Sounds pretty cool, I'll have to look into it!