2023 June Species Contest Registration is OPEN!

As many of you know, we host a contest each June. We have created a database to submit catches into and track the total number of different species that you and everybody else catches within the month.

Only standard (non-micro) fish count. We define Standard fish as a freshwater species that can attain a pound in weight. Here's a link to the list of accepted species - https://www.roughfish.com/contest-species-list

Adult winner gets a custom-built fishing rod.
The winner of the Kid's Division (14 and under) gets a cool trophy.

The contest is a great way to challenge yourself to try some different things, and is a blast!

Register here (you will need a free Roughfish account) ---https://www.roughfish.com/node/add/contest-registration

You must purchase a Contest Button for $10 dollars to participate. Shipping included within Continental US, make arrangements with me if outside this area.
Please make payment here -

This year's button design is courtesy of Joshua Knuth Check out his FB art page - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063579248166

Or on Instagram at fishart.knuth



Phil's picture

Awesome!  Button art is stunning! 


Didnt get my button yet. When does the contest start?

FishNerd's picture

Buttons were shipped Thursday, contest runs the entire month of June

2017: Total species (44), New (12)
2018: Total (94), New (50)
2019: Total (116), New (49)
2020: Total (63), New (9)
2021: Total (72), New (11)
2022: Total (151), New (59)
2023: Total (134), New (48)
2024: Total (30), New (13)

andy's picture

Hi BluegillJames, I don't see you in the list of registered contestants.  If you didn't register, I don't know who you are or where to send a button.  Did you send payment via Paypal?