2020 June species contest

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2020 June species contest
<p>Any word on the contest this year? Haven't seen any posts about buying buttons or if it's been cancelled.&nbsp;</p>
Tyler W
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Time to compete

Good question, I hope it is on. I would actually have time to participate this year.... 

Casey Shanaberger
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2020 could be something like an equalizer

A lot of people won't be able to travel as much, could be cool to have to compete more in your home and local waters. Might give others a chance who previously didn't have much of one

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No word

I haven't heard any word, but Corey and Andy also just had a major personal thing come up and I'm not sure if they plan on hosting it this year in light of all that has happened. 

I, for one, will make my own darned button and catch as many fish as I can, regardless of whether there's an official contest or not! June is the month I am reminded to get out there and enjoy my passion, and no virus is going to stop me from doing that. 

angry mongrel
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I'm going to second that motion! F#@$ the virus and all the other things that can hold one down! It's time to get the species rolling!

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There will be some kind of contest

Final details are being discussed, but expect a sign up an d button design soon.  The contest might not be the same as years past, but we'll all appreciate a fishing distraction during these strange times.


Details to follow!

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Thanks Andy!

Thanks Andy!

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Always appreciated my friend!

Always appreciated my friend!

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Great news.

I'm really looking forward to the contest. 


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Sounds good Andy, whatever

Sounds good Andy, whatever happens i'll be excited to get out and put some hours on the rivers in southern IN. I always thought it would be kinda neat to have a state-border contest to see just how well you can do in your resident state. Just a thought. Cant wait to see the button design!

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It will be my first time

It will be my first time participating, I'm excited!

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How do these contests work?

I'm new here. How do the contests work?

the pyromaniac
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Register, buy button.  Fish. 

Register, buy button.  Fish.  Catch standard sized species.  Take a picture with the button.  Upload picture.  One entry per species.  Most freshwater standard species at the end of June wins.




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Species Contest

We're working on a format. We can't hand out prizes encouraging people to travel all across the country during the pandemic; we could be held criminally liable for it. And in many states, fishing accesses and such are closed so only local fishing is allowed. We're trying to come up with a contest that we can run that will encourage people to fish close to home. Right now, we're thinking about A) Making it longer. It should run June-August. and B) Making it more than just max number of completely unique species. That's the problem, in order to win in that old format you have to travel the entire country which nobody can do right now without breaking the law.

We should have the full description up this week. Rest assured, it will still involve species-fishing and it will still be a lot of fun. Maybe moreso. I'm working on the programming as we speak.