2018 Photo Contest - Best Overall Fish

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2018 Photo Contest - Best Overall Fish
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I vote for Maggie's Grass

I vote for Maggie's Grass carp. It was a giant.



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Id like to nominate two,

Id like to nominate two, since one is myself.....This Goldeye of Greenwood's was one of the most memorable of the fish I saw entered.


angry mongrel
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Good God!

Look at the size of that goldeye!

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Yeah, that Goldeye is a freak

Yeah, that Goldeye is a freak. Hard choice here.

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Best overall fish nominations

I'd like to nominate these fish for consideration: 

Hengelaar's Inconnu

Mike B's Inconnu:

Mike B's Massive Northern Pike:

Maggie's Grass Carp:

Maggie's Black Buffalo

TonyS' Fixed-line River Redhorse:

Goldberg's Eel:

Flytyin' Joel's Heavy Metal Sturgeon:


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Mike B
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I nominate Greenwood's

I nominate Greenwood's goldeye. Probably a world record by the looks of it.

mike b

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Greenwood’s Goldeye, hands

Greenwood’s Goldeye, hands down! Nothing else really compares, to be completely honest

China Cat
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Tough choice

that goldeye is something else. Mike b’s pike looks like it could eat an 8 year old. Both outrageous. I think that goldeye takes it though. It has to be some sort of record.


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Greenwood's huge Goldeye or

Greenwood's huge Goldeye or Joel's extremely cool looking Sturgeon.

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Golly it’s just so hard to decide

Marge’s grass carp, gwooody’s goldeye that looks like it takes blood pressure pills or Joel’s sturg. Gotta be one of those three. But wait mike B’s pike....or Hengelar’s conny... to hard to chose I pick them all 

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BTW IGFA all tackle world

BTW IGFA all tackle world record for goldeye at 3lb 13oz ..... I think that one has it beat by quite a bit!


Eric Kol
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Josh's Striped Bass

I'm gonna have to nominate Josh Knuth's magnificent striped bass. He caught that beast from the top of a high bridge, so many many miles away from the ocean. That great fish was not the product of an impoundment or lake, just a big mean ole striper that swam upstream to eat and f**k sh*t up. It was pretty cool to see and the photo shows a pretty astounded Josh

Carpy Diem!

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Greenwood's goldeye. Not even

Greenwood's goldeye. Not even a question.




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I vote for The Wood's Goldeye Tank, too.

Fishn sure is neat