2018 Oscar: Best Overall Fish

Maggie's Grass Carp
11% (5 votes)
Roughfish's Spotted Sucker
0% (0 votes)
FishingDude14's Goldeye
47% (21 votes)
Hengelaar's Inconnu
4% (2 votes)
MikeB's Inconnu
2% (1 vote)
MikeB's Pike
11% (5 votes)
Maggie's Black Buffalo
7% (3 votes)
Tony's River Redhorse
2% (1 vote)
Goldberg's American Eel
7% (3 votes)
FlyTyinJoel's Lake Sturgeon
9% (4 votes)
JKnuth's Striped Bass
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 45


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I can not figure out how to vote from this page. Might be a setting not correct?

It is all perspective!

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I fixed the permissions, it should work now.

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the biggest issue at this point will be deciding from a field of awesome catches