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2017 Shout Out!!!
<p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-2645fd2c-3a4b-3a1a-c799-b5b980e26719"><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">The June species contest is one of my favorite things of all times. It has pushed me to do things I would have otherwise never done. It has taken me places I never would have gone, and most importantly it has allowed me to meet some of the coolest people I know. A lot of these people have become my most valued friends over the years. I&rsquo;m sure a lot of you reading this can identify with these sentiments. The fact that this contest pushes our entire community of anglers out of their comfort zones and forces us all to try new things year after year has changed the face of Rough Fishing forever. When I first started fishing this contest the numbers we&rsquo;ve seen this year were unheard of. Anyone in the top seven could have taken the win in many previous contests. &nbsp;Catching a Burbot during June was thought to be impossible. An Alligator gar in the Kid&rsquo;s bracket? Get outta here. Yet all of those things and a laundry list of other epic feats were achieved during this June. So with that in mind, first and foremost shout out to everyone who fished this contest. From the Kids Bracket to the adults, congrats on a month well fished. &nbsp;As always, an extra special shout out to The Geving brothers for continuing to keep this fishing nut house open for business. You guys put in a lot of time and effort to keep this site going and I really appreciate it. Shout out Uncle Pat, and Auntie Lia for letting us stay at their crib, feeding us and being the most awesome people I know. Extra special double shout out to Uncle Pat for providing me with not invaluable intel for not only fish, but also all the insane spots to eat you sent us. If it wasn&rsquo;t for the food I&rsquo;m not sure I would have survived this thing. Extra special Triple shout out to Pat for calming me down when things were going rough (which is pretty much the entire last 20 days). Shout out my amazing girlfriend Fishaholicsanonymous89 for an amazing showing of angling prowess,and for letting me run wild for an entire month. 48 species is an amazing run, you da ish gurl! Shout out Citylimits on a great first contest. Shout out my number one ride or die roll dogg G to the mother effing Woody I see you boiiiiiiiii. You were an awesome co-pilot as usual man (even though you harpooned me with a landing net, and accidentally smashed me in the face with a Gatorade bottle), I couldn&rsquo;t have done it without you. &nbsp;Shout out to the legend Dr. Flathead for providing insight and intel as always, and for schooling me on the in&#39;s and out&rsquo;s of fishing this contest. Your blueprint for fishing the contest has made it possible for me to get the numbers I have the past few years. Shout out Goldberg and Wild Bill for hooking us up with a prime Lake trout lake. Shout out Ekol! Shout out Jknuth for putting up with me constantly sending him fish pictures to ID. Shout out Flytyin&rsquo;Joel for catching super gnarly fish and having the coolest hats. Shout out RF29 on an awesome third place victory. Shout out MJ. Shout out Ricky Bobby. Shout out Continental Breakfasts. Shout out Blueye. Shout out the old man D to the T! &nbsp;Shout out Phil and Carp Chaser for always making a respectable run. Shout out Ali Iyoob for trying to hook us up with a Roanoke bass spot. R.I.P. to the four rods, and one reel that were destroyed and/or captured during this contest. R.I.P. my Roughfish.com hat. Shout out Inquisition. Shout out Carolina Burgers. Shout out Wentzel&rsquo;s Oyster house. Shout out Golden shiners for being amazing bait. Shout out Graceclaw. Shout out Gummy Worms! Shout out Coca-Cola in glass bottles. Shout out salad bars. Shout out FP4l for holding down the title in the kids division! Shout out Pit smoked Baked Beans. Shout out Taddy Mason. Shout Insane Wayne! Shout out Dexter The Serial Killer Cat. Shout out Al Green. Shout out Bear Cub! Shout out Big and Little Swan! Shout out M&amp;H! </span></span></p> <p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-2645fd2c-3a4b-3a1a-c799-b5b980e26719"><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Shout out Sunrise Pita in Hollywood Florida for having the best falafel and shawarma this side of the Jerusalem. Shout out Knoth&rsquo;s BBQ in Grand River Kentucky for having the best chopped plate in the world. Shout out The Chipola River for always being a bish to me. Shout out Pork Cracklins. &nbsp;Shout out SAW&rsquo;s Soul Kitchen in Birmingham Alabama, we want to have your children. Shout out water and Gatorade. Shout out Motel 6 and Super 8. Shout out the cheeky rascals at The weather Channel for never giving us the real forecast. Shout out Oscar Meyer Bologna. &nbsp;Shout out Aloe Vera drinks. R.I.P. all of the cheap Wal-Mart sandals we destroyed. Shout out Silver carp, Black redhorse, Black buffalo, Flat bullhead, Grass carp, Grayfin redhorse, Blacktail redhorse, Northern snakehead, Bullseye snakehead, Choctaw bass, Clown knifefish, V-lip redhorse, Alabama bass, Brassy jumprock, Pacu and the mystery exotic that we saw in Kendall for out witting me and staying in the water. Shout out Google Maps. Shout out Beisel. R.I.P. Vanny, you did all you could and you will be sorely missed. Shout out to all the ticks I found attached to me for not infecting me with any diseases. Shout out truck stop and campground showers. &nbsp;Shout out Casey&rsquo;s Gas Stations for having pretty ok pizza in places devoid of any type of food. Shout out the dude in NC that told us how to get back to the secret local fishing hole on The Smith.. Shout out Raw papers. Shout out Freddy&rsquo;s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. Shout out Finnafishfl for hanging out and hooking us up with some tastey ass water to fish in Orlando. Shout out the entire Kid&rsquo;s Contest bracket for an amazing showing. You guys really blew me away this year. Shout out the Stillwater bank rats. Shout out Bobby Womack. Shout out Night Crawlers and Redworms. Shout out cigarettes and Black and Milds. Shout out Goldberg again for picking us up when my transmission blew up. Shout out Roy Leva for hooking us up with some sick water in South Florida. Shout out Tula!! Shout out FrogInTheGame! Shout out spinners and spoons. Shoutout Killer Mike. Shout out Northland jigs. Shout out Fluorocarbon leaders. Shout out The Allman Brothers Band. R.I.P. To my Dad, I hope you were watching that from Valhalla. Shout out corned beef hash. Shout out polarized sunglasses. Shout out Fishnet2.net! Shoutout USGS Non Native Aquatic Species Database!</span></span></p> <p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-2645fd2c-3a4b-3a1a-c799-b5b980e26719"><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Shout out Konrad Schmidt! Shout out Fishes Of Minnesota! Shout out Bob Hrabik! Shout out Charles Xavier. Shout out anyone who injured themselves to the point of bleeding during this contest. Shout out to anyone who was biten by more than three types of insect during this contest. Shout out Shoneys!! Shout out Waffle House. Shout out FlyingJ! Shout Out Kwik Trip! Shout out Riverrat! Shout out Strut Dat Ass Guy! Shout out Delorme Atlases.</span></span></p> <p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-2645fd2c-3a4b-3a1a-c799-b5b980e26719"><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Shout out Plug Man. Shout out The National Park Service!! Shout out Mongrel. Shout out Google Documents. Shout out David Ruffin! Shout out HST all day every day. Shout out Diamond Joe. Shout out Gary for being one of the most enthusiastic roughfishermen around. Shout out Shovelnoser47 for being a generally awesome guy. Shout out the Apple Valley Crew! Shout out JJ. Shout out Bleak! Shout out Slug the nomad. Shout out to all Hobos world wide. Shout out Ruby&rsquo;s Fish camp on The Perdido River for letting us fish on their docks and offering to let us use your paddle boat! Those guys are the shit, go there and buy something if you&rsquo;re in the area. Shout out all mini vans. Shout out station wagons while we&rsquo;re at it. Shout out Rest Stops. Shout out Tyler Goodale The Missouri Mad Man! Shout out my little bro $mQkey! Shout out Bic lighters. Shout out to The Wrecked Angler! Shout out TonyS for finding my rods I left behind! Shout out my new van Vanessa for not breaking down or giving us any trouble. Shout out the tow truck driver in Kansas for finally figuring out where the eff we were and pulling us out of the boat launch turned mud bog. Shout out to anyone who stayed out too late and didn&#39;t get enough sleep for work. Shout out Steve Austin. Shout out Ginger Ale. Shout out Dill Pickle Chips. Shout out Johnny Dangerous the Midwest Menace!! Shout out Isis the dog! R.I.P. Randy Savage. Shout out The Army Core Of Engineers! Shout out Past&oacute;r! Shout out Victoria&rsquo;s Borinquen Cafe for schooling us on Puerto Rican food! Shout out Issac&rsquo;s fishing corner. R.I.P. Papa. Shout out peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Shout out Tort&aacute;s! Shout out Andre 3000. Shout out all flavors of Pringles. Shout out to anyone who slept in their car this June. Shout out Yetti&rsquo;s, Sasquatch and Skunk Ape&rsquo;s. Shout out bear mace. Shout out canned soup! Shout out to anyone who ate a can of cold soup during this June or any contest ever. Shout out Doug Stange! R.I.P. Toad Smith. Shout out CCR. Shout out all Outlaw Country Music. Shout out passion fruit juice. Shout out Gordo! Shout out Insane Jorge! Shout out Mario! Shout out El Sparkito! Shout out hush puppies. Shout out fried green tomatoes. Shout out to the yellow car in Atlanta that sacrificed itself so that Vanessa could live. Shout out to the bad ass dude who pumped our gas in Georgia. Shout out anyone who got &ldquo;River Toe&rdquo; during this contest. Shout out smoked meats of all flavors. Shout out Alabama White Sauce. Shout out to all the poisonous snakes that lived in the areas we fished for not messing with us. Huge shout out to whoever invented AC! Shout out the Dutchman! Shout out scum balls! Shout out Crazy Ass Rick! Shout out Dakota! Shout out Chris Stewart at Tenkarabum.com!! Shout out Mustad and Gamakatzu hooks. Shout out Will The Bum. Shout out the Krawczack Brothers! Shout out sweet tea! Shout out chocolate milk! R.I.P. To the Coyote we hit. R.I.P King Tubby. Shout out Pine Crest Bakery in Miami! Shout out to the guy at Kentucky Dam that showed us his Gar spinner technique! R.I.P. Dieved! Shout out The Cichlids of Wares Creek for making a serious comeback! Shout out GeluNumber1! Shout out Matt Miller! Shout out Sprayberrys BBQ in West Georgia for introducing me to Brunswick Stew. Shout out the people taking maternity photos who waded through my pee to take photos in a stagnant creek. Shout out to Motel Six in Kendall for being the nicest Motel 6 in the world and still being cheap as ish. Shout out Desus and Mero! Shout out Freezies! Shout out Taqueria Los Ocampos! Shout out chicken gizzards! Shout out Bald Eagle Bait! Shout out anyone who got severely sunburned during this fiasco. Shout out river banks with shade! Shout out Bob Smith! Shout out the pride of the Withrow Navy Pistola Portal. Shout out collard greens! Shout out cheese grits and shrimp! Shout out my Mom for being my biggest fan. Shout out Magneto. Shout out Country Fried Steaks! Shout out fried fish. Shout out all fish everywhere!!!</span></span></p> <p dir="ltr" style="line-height:1.38;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;"><span id="docs-internal-guid-2645fd2c-3a4b-3a1a-c799-b5b980e26719"><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">I think that&#39;s it&hellip;. if I missed you I&#39;m sorry, you know I gots the short term memory loss. In case any of you are wondering I&#39;m not going to Disney Land, I&#39;m going to do some low pressure Pike fishing with my lovely girlfriend. Thank you all for participating, see you next year.</span></span></p> <div> &nbsp;</div>
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Epic showing again this year

Epic showing again this year man, congrats again on catching so many crazy ass cool fish and winning another derby!

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I thoroughly enjoy the Moose shoutouts each year, but these are the best!  Shoutout to Moose439 for becoming a Legendary Roughfisher.

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Sweet, I was hoping you'd do

Sweet, I was hoping you'd do another one of these.

Well, now I need to try some pork cracklins...

Fishn sure is neat

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'nuff said.

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A chance meeting.....

I'll just never forget meeting you in the baitshop and you being floored to meet someone wanting to catch a bowfin on purpose. That was June 8 years ago. Fishing has changed a bit for you in those 8 years. 

It is all perspective!

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Shout outs

Gosh that is a lot of shout outs! Those suckers I caught yesterday have a slightly better chance of becoming congressmen tomorrow than I do of ever winning it, but I'm going to have to compete in this next year.


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Epic shout out shout out!

Epic shout out shout out! Moose thanks for the shout out and congrats on winning the derby with almost 100 species, that's insane fishing! 8)

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low key pike fishing, disney land... we all know which is the better deal... (awesome show BTW)


Also, shout out to Greenwood for the surgical practice

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Great show Moose! Sorry you

Great show Moose! Sorry you didn't get the lake whitefish. Can't wait for the report.

mike b

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Congrats again

Your annual shout-outs are like poetry slams. Honored to be mentioned!

This trip would make a great trip report, or even book. Congrats.

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Its amazing that of the 128

Its amazing that of the 128 species entered by everyone you got 94 of them yourself.  Personally I dont think that number will ever be beaten.  You got more standard freshwater species in one month than I have got in my entire life.  Which is just totally crazy man.  Hats off to you for showing a ton of patience.  Its not like you just walked up to every spot, flipped out a line and caught your target on the first cast.  Lots of time, sweat, and blood also go into a run like that.  And money.  You and Greenwood are animals!  Watch out, you guys might grow gills and turn into new species of coosa bass in your not careful....Shout out to you buddy.

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Shut out to the Shout out

Always thought one of these years some camera crews needed to trail along during the contest to capture some good documentary/reality TV footage but I have to rethink that now – the Moose shout out is actually way better.  

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I'd like to see a map of the

I'd like to see a map of the continent with lines showing all the highways, roads, tracks, paths, detours, etc. that you covered in June. Maybe a different color each day. You didn't happen to have a GPS tracking your every move the whole time, did you?



Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers: moxostoma.com

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Ask Google! Google knows.