Friday, November 10, 2023
52" X 24"

This past fall I had the awesome experience of smashing my previous PB, 45 inches, and joining the 50 inch club with this beautiful 52" X 24" Muskie.  We had to battle snow and freezing temps all night, but it was well worth it for this fish not to mention the two others I caught, 43 & 44 inch.

This big girl struck by the boat while jigging after my retrieve.  After a sketchy net job in the pitch black hookshad to be cut since she inhaled the lure so deep.  After quick surgery in the net and a measurement/photo she swam off strong with no blood.

It has now been 4 months since I caught that fish and it still does not seem real.... 

The hunt for more and bigger fish will continue and never stop.


andy's picture

That is a HUGE FISH!  Jigging by the boat is interesting - what lure were you using?


smurph's picture

A 10" Tube

That fish is an absolutely massive!! Congratulations on that PB Muskie!

Any fish is a fish.