Unexpected Lifer Black Buff

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Last week a few buddies and I spent the evening and part of the night down on the MN river chasing cats. We could not find or catch any flathead baits, so we ended up using small cut suckers. We caught a few nice channel cats and a shovelnose sturgeon with the cut bait.  At about 11 pm I had a little run on my cutbait rod and to my surprise it was a buff!  Looking down at it from a top the cliff I could tell it looked a little different than the smallmouth buff I have caught before.  After seeing the lips I was convinced this was at least a hybrid between a black and a smallmouth. I posted it in the facebook group to confirm my suspicions and others agreed it is a pure black. 


Amia Calva's picture

Always fun when you get something really cool, totally by surprise! Incredible catch!

2023 Goals: White Bass (X), Any Buffalo (X), Arctic Grayling (X) , Tree River Char (X), Northern Hogsucker