What rod do you use?

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What rod do you use?
What rod equipment have you all been using for microfish? I currently use a 10ft black widow canepole if I need reach or a 5ft ultra light zebco. I have been looking for more options though.
Mathew Williams
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Microfishing rods

1) a very light, max 7' spinning setup for casting

2) a very short spinning setup, either ice rod or shortest spinning rod I can find, for fishing straight down off a bridge where the target is straight down for example, or right at my feet

3) a long fixed line rod of any stoutness, with a short line length, fished straight under the tip with varying number of sections collapsed

4) a very light and long fixed line rod, with a long line length, fished completely extended at distance, which is a pleasure to fish when I have the room

5) a very light and short fly rod for fishing tiny flies


Can't think of any other setups I've needed or wanted for micro fishing.

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Fast rod

The length is based on your preference.... I like 7 ft rods. I let out about 7 ft of line on the spinning reel so I can quickly raise the tip and bring the catch into my hand. 

My one recommendation is to use a rod with fast action to allow for a quick tip raise hookset. I have found UL and L rods to soft for this in general. My preference is a 7" medium rod but a fixed line rod will work as well. 

Would Tenkara work?

I just started micro fishing, and almost all of it is on a 6'6" mhx ultralight I built. I did recently switch that over to my old childhood 4'6" ultralight because I don't want to be switching take constantly, but I started wondering if I should just get a collapsible Tenkara rod for this.