Great Lakes Buffalo!

Monday, August 28, 2023
24 inches

With my car in rough shape, I've been trying to get some of the rare local targets. I knew there were some buffalo in the Thames river in London Ontario, mostly bigmouth buffalo, neither smallmouth nor black buffalo appeared in the sampling data for the river. Occasionally you'd see them posted in the local fishing group (usually asking ID), but getting them was tricky. There's also a major debate about whether or not you can identify Great Lakes tributary buffalo to the species level due to their reported hybridization rates, but that's a whole different story. 

Long story short, I spent most of this year targetting buffalo. I'd also tried many times last year and never managed to figure them out. I'd hear that they were stacked up in one spot or another, but I could never seem to get anything but carp, and some assorted redhorse (also a ton of smallies on corn). After making a small adjustment last weekend, and running a method feeder on a sliding rig, and setting the hook myself (who needs a bolt rig?) I managed 2 in 2 days. 2 years of none, followed by back to back beauties. 

I couldn't be happier, and have no idea what to target next. 


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That's awesome...

One thing I have learned is that fish don't read the rules on where they should or shouldn't be

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sweet buffalocarp from the garpike spot