potential Satinfin Shiner

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potential Satinfin Shiner
<p>Wanted to get some opinions on this fish, been having tough time getting input on it.&nbsp; &nbsp;I originally decided to let it go as inconclusive, but I have re-opened the case.&nbsp; This was caught in Delaware River where both Spotfin and Satinfin Shiners are found, Spotfin being more prevalent.&nbsp; Not great pic but there appears to be pigmentation all across the dorsal fin, which sounds like a key factor for distinguishing between the 2.&nbsp; Tough to get a good count of the anal rays from the pic, but I'm thinking the dorsal pigmentation is enough to declare this a Satinfin.&nbsp; Does anyone agree? Would y'all count this as a Satinfin on your lists?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://roughfish.com/sites/default/files/20170716_075138_Moment%283%29-1.jpg">http://roughfish.com/sites/default/files/20170716_075138_Moment%283%29-1.jpg</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://roughfish.com/sites/default/files/20170716_075138_Moment%284%29.jpg">http://roughfish.com/sites/default/files/20170716_075138_Moment%284%29.jpg</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://roughfish.com/sites/default/files/20170716_075138_Moment%286%29.jpg">http://roughfish.com/sites/default/files/20170716_075138_Moment%286%29.jpg</a></p>

Nah, it looks more like the Spottail Shiner (Notropis hudsonius) or the Swallowtail shiner (I forgot its scientific name. Tight lines!

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Looks more like Notropis than Cyprinella

so I thought the guys at the

so I thought the guys at the NANFA site believed it to be Cyprinella and it was just whether it was Spotfin or Satinfin.  It's definetely not a Swallowtail, but if it's Notropis I would agree with Spottail.  For some reason, Spottail Shiner in the northeast is different from the Spottails further south, which is used for most pictures of the fish.  It's weird and hard to ID.  Need to clear up Notropis vs Cyprinella here I guess, thanks

thanks dudes.  Case closed,

thanks dudes.  Case closed, Spottail Shiner



Bros, got another potential Satinfin from the vault that I overlooked

Anyone good at counting fin rays?  I really think I'm counting 9 anal fin rays on this fish, which should make it a Satin, assuming it is indeed a Cyprinella minnow.  


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That first fish doesn't stike

That first fish doesn't stike me as Spottail Shiner, at least not the ones here in QC, Canada. I was thinking possibly juvenile Cyprinella.

Bradley- the spottail shiner

Bradley- the spottail shiner in NY seems to be the toughest fish to ID, because it's different than the fish described in the official descriptions of Spottail Shiner.  It's pretty bizarre

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I'd consider both fish to be

I'd consider both fish to be cyprinella, and most definitely the second one. I catch a lot of both satinfin and spotfin here (central NJ) and the head shape/mouth are telltale. At that size distinguishing between spotfin and satinfin needs to be done with an anal ray count, as you note. 

I was on board with Spottail

I was on board with Spottail Shiner for the first fish because I'm pretty sure it's the same fish as this below, which I had ID'd as a Spottail.  These fish don't really fit the description of any other fish in those areas so pretty much has to be Spottail from process of elimination.  I think this is just what that fish looks like around here


But the fish I posted yesterday is def either Satinfin or Spotfin, I dont have much confidence in my ray counting abilities but I really think I see 9 anal rays

got it confirmed I counted

got it confirmed I counted the anal fin rays right, so that fish has to be Satinfin Shiner

I'm pissed at myself, I didnt do my normal documentation routine with a potential new fish that day.  (I'm sure everyone here has their new fish routine ).  I didnt take any pics at the scene.  That day I was out for American Shad and guess was only focused on that, only did a little bit of micro fishing.  Kept a couple Minnows for the fish tank, randomly documented the fish hours later before putting it in tank. 

I like my list in the proper order bros, dont know about yall.  I have no idea if I caught that before or after the Shad lmao it was 3 years ago.  Yes, only one of us odd species hunter dudes would be bothered by this lol or maybe just me

I should point out since I

I should point out since I was joking about asianangler's ID slump in the other thread....twas asianangler who came through with the sharp ID of spottail shiner in this thread for me lol just turned out I had actually caught the satinfin 2 months later that year without realizing 

I had a thread about this on

I had a thread about this on Nanfa and just remembered I had one here too, gotta update this

lol this is classic...AsianAngler, the Fish ID Butcher.  I was giving him props for Spottail ID in this thread.  I recall AsianAngler was on an epic run of false fish ID's then for whatever reason I agreed with Spottail ID for this fish...

This fish is a Comely Shiner.  Caught in 2017.  5 years late on the ID but I'll take it.  Ultra silvery sheen,  dorsal set far back, relatively pointed snout

I also realized a couple weeks ago that I had caught a Sand Shiner in 2020, that was also falsely ID'd as a Spottail Shiner lol

I'm actually not seeing the

I'm actually not seeing the original pictures int his thread, not sure what's up with that.  Maybe others can still see it.  

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couldnt find better way to

couldnt find better way to get a pic of the fish on here.  But checks all boxes of comely as far as I can tell.  Pointed snout, upturned mouth, very silvery sheen, can't get an anal ray count but clearly there's a bunch, the dorsal fin origin is after the pelvin fin origin, less curviture in dorsal and ventral profiles (I think I see that), also delicate appearance (looks pretty delicate).  

A Comely Shiner...that has now been set free from his false ID pergatory


ok so just so noone ever

ok so just so noone ever looks at that picture and thinks they also have a Comely Shiner.  No.  I got carried away.  That's a Spotfin Shiner, per dudes at inaturalist.