Remembering Superfrog

On Jan 2nd Roughfish lost one of its own. Chad Wentzel (Superfrog) passed away after a battle with cancer. If you were lucky enough to know Superfrog, you know how huge of a loss this is for our community. You may know Chad as the two time back to back world record holder for the Golden Redhorse. He was a regular at the Roundups on the root river. A joy to share a river bank with, never slow with a joke or a helping hand. He was one of the kindest and sweetest souls, a true one of a kind. His presence will be missed greatly, but he is not truly gone. He will live on in our hearts. It was a tradition of his to dedicate the first shorthead redhorse he caught of the year to Paula, another roughfisher who passed too soon. We can continue this tradition in his name as well as hers.





Jason E.'s picture

I'm so sad to hear this.  He and I spent quite a few hours together at past roundup events.   Neither of us wanted to paddle on the Friday float trips, so we'd set up our poles and bank fish on Friday afternoon instead.  I also was there to net his first quillback during a roundup.  It was a big, beautiful specimen that inspired numerous other anglers and it seemed, for whatever reason, to start a trend of folks catching quillback on the Root during the next several roundups.  He was a ton of fun to fish with.  A unique combination of wit, wisdom, and sarcasm.  I was glad to fish with him during last year's derby for the last time.  He will be missed...

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Sincerely sorry to hear that gang, I remember meeting him at a couple roundups, he was a good guy.  My sincerest condolences to all who knew him well!