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Anybody planning to head out for pout in the near future? I'm hoping to get out a day each of the first couple weekends of January
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Heck yeah

A few folks have been asking me about Gooseneck, we should try to align on a "main" date to get after it. 

My vote is for Jan 8th.

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The 8th works for me.  I'll be doing either the 31st or the 2nd as well if anybody has any interest in those

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I've been thinking about it.
I've been thinking about it. Parking has gotten pretty bad up there though.

It is all perspective!

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Just get out...

Let's go Double A-Ron. Perspective.

Me n Drew will be coming up for sure.

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I'm down.

The eighth works well for me. I can also fish around the area if the pout bite is slow. 

All fish are beautiful.

Casey Shanaberger
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Was probably gonna be up in that area mid January, hope that's not too late. 

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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I'll let you know how the 2nd and 8th go, that'll probably give you an impression on what the odds look like for the 15/16

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Nothing says goodbye to the stressful holiday season and hello to ice season like some leisurely burbot fishing with good friends! Tony we'll be seeing you up there hopefully that first weekend and the 8th as well to see all the rest of the gang! Can't wait, love the pout-o-Rama! I can already smell the burbot slime on on my bibs! (Unless it's just residual smells from years past)

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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I'm down for whenever. It'd be good to get a feel for things with a trip as soon as possible! They could be going right now for all we know.

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It'll be good to see people

It'll be good to see people up there.  I agree, they could be hot right now and I'd be up there today if I could.  I wouldn't hesitate for an earlier trip if it wasn't for other commitments.  Unfortunately, the 2nd is the earliest I'm going to be able to make it. 

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I've seen some

From atop the ski hill, I've been seeing a few fishermen out there over the past 3 weeks. The ice must be ok, but I have no further intel. 

The water temps were way above average this fall. I don't know what that'll do to the run, but its been a warm winter, too. Maybe it'll push the run back a week or two from normal? What is normal anyways? Last year the consensus was that we missed it.

We haven't had very great ice making weather this winter, and now it just snowed a couple 13, 14 inches. 

I know parking there sucks, If there aren't any available spots, some people could park up at the big roadside area on the highway and shuttle down. Not ideal, but better than missing out!

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"Normal" from past data is a wide range with no clear correlation to anything I can discern.  Some of the earliest runs have been years with warm Fall weather leading up to them but even that isn't consistent.  By the time there is ice on the river, the water temp is all <39F and remains so until spring so it makes sense that temperatures haven't shown a significant correlation in the data.

I suspect it has has some tie to photoperiod but there must be other variables at play that cause the peak days to swing several weeks in either direction.  I suspected the Moon for a while but it doesn't seem to quite line up either.

I'm beginning to wonder if individual fish even spawn every year, which might increase apparent chaos in the fishing.  Or maybe water levels influence where/when they spawn.  Who knows

Eric Kol
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I'm planning on this sunday

I'm planning on this sunday and would be down for the 8th too. Last year I think some of us did a similar scouting trip a week or two before the bigger group.

Carpy Diem!

Eric Kol
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i'll be piping in sexy burbot

i'll be piping in sexy burbot tunes to get the mating swarm warmed up.......

Carpy Diem!

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Burbot research

This isn't necessarily relatable to Gooseneck burbot, but it's cool to see the DNR doing some telemetry studies on inland populations -


Casey Shanaberger
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burbot music

What kind of music would you play to get the burbot going? Some Marvin Gaye? Maybe some relaxing country? Smooth jazz?

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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Jazz would probably work. Anything by Ling  Crosby, maybe John Cold trane. Maybe Led Zep? Whole Lota Love. I'll see myself out..

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I'll be there on the 8th. See

I'll be there on the 8th. See yall there!