Catch em on rod and shoot em?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 20:15

Hopefully these good old boys ate this gator gar. These need protection or they will be extinct within our lifetimes.



Rough Stuff's picture

Looks like late 60s or 70s era.



Where is the fish?

I very well COULD be wrong but judging by the bow not having any type of reel, there may be the possibility that the arrow is tied to the line that's on the pole. I only thought of this because I myself had one of those awful nights where my reel broke on me and had to do the same thing unfortunately! But I could be mistaken..

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They are obviously and definitely just using the bow to kill it so they don't have to kill it once it's out of the water or something. Don't really know, but the bow and rod are completely unrelated